Robbers promised to come back to Chakvetadze ?

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The world’s sixth-ranked player Anna Chakvetadze was robbed in her Moscow house on Tuesday, and now, as the time passes, we’re getting new information. Nina from Tennis Info Blog extracted a number of details from the Russian press.

The most shocking thing is that, according to Tvoii Den, the robbers told the tennis star: “Keep playing, we will be back!” What?

According to Anna and her family, the thieves were speaking Russian with Moldavian accent. It was obvious that they were very familiar with the house. There is a suspicion that the former construction workers of the house were involved, but no official information has been released on this yet.

Despite the horrible situation, Chavetadze is not intending to leave Russia. Also, she doesn’t want to change her plans regarding tennis and is expected to travel to Sydney and compete in the Medibank International.


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