Anna Chakvetadze tied up, her Moscow house robbed

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Oh my God, I still haven’t recovered from the scandal regarding supposed marriage plans of Nicole Vaidisova and Radek Stepanek, and now I hear that Anna Chakvetadze was robbed! It’s difficult to process so much shocking news in such a short period. Anyway, to get to the point — masked robbers broke into Anna Chakvetadze’s house in southwest Moscow early on Tuesday and stole money and valuables worth about five million rubles, or roughly $202,000. Luckily, Anna escaped unharmed.

Six robbers climbed over the fence, broke into the house, and tied up a maid in another building. They forced the maid to hand over a remote control which enabled them to enter the house through the garage. Then, Anna was tied up with her parents and robbed.

Anna’s father Jamal Chakvetadze appeared on Russian TV saying: “They started to beat me up, I resisted, then they hit me either with their hands or a pistol. It was dark, told me I had a child there, reminded me about it, so that I gave them everything. So I did.” Jamal also showed scabbed-over bruises on his scalp, cheek and forehead. Here you can watch the video from the Russian TV.


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