Novak Djokovic praises Maria Sharapova, has utmost respect for her

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Two fresh Australian Open champions, Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic, have a lot in common, according to Novak.

The third-ranked ATP player talked to the press at Melbourne Park the day after winning his maiden Grand Slam saying,

“I think she’s a very strong female, […] She is mentally very strong and is a very strong personality. She doesn’t allow anybody to fool with her, and she shows it every time on the court. She already has three Grand Slams. That proves everything. We are kind of on the same line in life. We’ve been through difficult things in our career, and we appreciate success much more, even though we are still young.”

BTW, do you remember that Sharapova was sitting in Djokovic’s box at the 2007 US Open, and soon after they were partying together in New York? I have to notice that these two young, intelligent, successful, and rich tennis players would surely make a great couple! But for now, they’re just friends.


  1. Novak have a good start this season comparing with 2007 when he win a big tournament just in Miami.
    Maria is in the same situation. Last year she won just in July at San Diego.

    A nice start for this two great players.

  2. She is a bitch and admits to it. She’s so not lady-like but does try hard to look like one off court. Her screaming and tactics on court are cheap and repulsive. Her dad is the mastermind behind them, just as repulsive and cheap. So, money can buy them everything but class, unfortunately. Novak is being polite as always and it is highly unlikely that they will ever become a romantic couple.


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