Jelena Jankovic compares herself to Heath Ledger


Jelena Jankovic is known for being spontaneous, and so are her statements. This time she was concerned for her health, as she had to take too many painkillers to continue her semifinal match at the Australian Open, and related her situation to Heath Ledger’s death.

Here’s Jankovic’s clumsy attempt to explain her injury woes:

“Yeah, I was in pain. I took so many painkillers. I was telling the doctor . . . I’m going to overdose, and I want to live.”

“As you know, it was a sad story that Heath Ledger died and he took so many things, so I was like saying to the doctor, ‘Please don’t let me take so many’.

“I still, I am only 22. I want to live.” (via Herald Sun)


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