Nine-year-old girl banned from playing tennis because of loud grunting

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Nine-year-old Australian, Lauryn Edwards, has been banned from playing tennis by her local club because she grunts too loudly.

Lauryn will be permitted to play only if her father can guarantee she won’t grunt on court.

Mr Edwards said: “How can I guarantee that? She’s been doing it since she was really little. She’s her own person. What do they want me to do? Put Band-Aids over her mouth? They made her cry on the court when they told her. She was in such a state I had to bring her home mid-match.”

Maria Sharapova, Lauryn’s favorite tennis player, and Monica Seles must be so proud. (source: Adelaide Now)


  1. hehe, i too, think what some players overdo with screamings on the court, its just unnatural, and it bad habit. guys who banned her was right %).
    if anyone saw nick bollitieri video with young anna kurnikova grunt, anna even worse compare to this girl, argh just horrible :D.

  2. Been a while but Lauryn is my daughter. We never claimed Lauryn is the best tennis player for her age simply that she loved playing tennis and that she happened to make noise and did for 2 years in the same competition with no complaints. she has always made noise, she is very noisy in life in all she does (she has ADD) but is certainly not faking it. Lauryn has played for 6 years with a degree of noise throughout, the TV footage / editor amplified her noise level a lot!!! she is actually not very noisy at all. having said all that… lauryn was allowed back in following great support from tennis Australia/Victoria explaining to the club that they cannot change the internationally governed rules of tennis in any competition. She is happily playing tennis and practicing hard and making a noise, so all is good! Lauryn is not aiming to be a professional tennis player, so there is nobody pushing her to scream and behave like a diva! she wants to enjoy her game and improve.


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