Singles champions at Wimbledon 2008 to get 7.1 percent more money than last year


Wimbledon has announced that the Men’s and Ladies’ Singles Champions will each receive £750,000 ($1.48 million), an increase of 7.1% over 2007 (£700,000).

The total prize money will increase by 4.7% to £11,812,000 from £11,282,710 in 2007, while prize money for each of the Men’s and the Ladies’ Doubles events will exceed £1 million for the first time.

Still, the winners of this year’s French Open singles will get the most of any Grand Slam, 1 million euros each ($1.56 million). Roger Federer and Justine Henin won $1.4 million each by taking the singles titles at last year’s US Open. The US Open purse for this year hasn’t been announced. This year’s Australian Open champions, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova, each won A$1.37 million ($1.28 million).

Reminder: Last year marked the first time women and men earned equal prize money at Wimbledon.


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