Maria Sharapova understands Justine Henin’s need to retire

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World No.1 Justine Henin surprisingly retired last week, while still being at the peak of her tennis career, and 21-year-old Maria Sharapova, who has improved to No.1 in the rankings after Henin’s retirement, said that she understands the Belgian’s desire to quit playing professional tennis.

“Justine is 25 years old and she had achieved so much in her career,” Sharapova said. “If I was 25 and I had won so many Grand Slams, I’d quit too.”

Henin’s wish to retire is not strange, after all “the tour can be a dysfunctional, stressful and boring place” as they say in Telegraph, but the fact she did it so suddenly confused everyone.

I see three-times Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova as a strong and brave woman too, and I believe she will also retire young, as soon as she achieves a few more things in tennis she’ll move to other things in life.

Venus’ and Serena’s father, Richard Williams, is also in favor of an early retirement. He once remarked that he wanted his daughters to retire young as he didn’t want “a couple of gum-chewing illiterates” on his hands. Hahaha.

Last year, Kim Clijsters also retired earlier than planned saying: “It is time for a new life. Time for marriage. Time for children? Time also to relax and to play with my dogs. And especially to spend a lot of time with my family and friends.”


  1. A couple of gum-chewing illiterates – that is soooo funny, I’ve been laughing for the past minute. Wow, quote of the month.

  2. I did like this,but I really would like to know how to be able to write to Justeen Henin.Iam really surprised by her retirement ,and disappointd.She is just marvelous tennis player and fun to watch.


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