Justine Henin isn’t ruling out return to tennis

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Recently-retired Justine Henin doesn’t want to completely dismiss the possibility of returning to tennis.

However, this doesn’t mean the former world No.1 gave hints that she’ll return. It’s more like “never say never” than really having some plans to come back to the Tour.

“I can never say for sure that I’ll never be back because I hate to say never,” said the 26-year-old Belgian who believes the biggest disappointment of her career is failing to win a Wimbledon title. “But for me, and the people who know me, they know that when I do something, I do it 200 percent — and when I decide it’s over, it’s over and I go to the next step.”

Not being motivated to win any more, Henin left tennis at the peak of her nine-year career which was accompanied by seven Grand Slam titles. “Being a professional athlete is quite difficult and you make a lot of sacrifices. You need to eat tennis, sleep tennis and live tennis and give 300 percent all the time. I’ve been doing that for 20 years. You know one day it’s going to be over and I always said that it would never be an injury that pushed me to stop and that it was going to be my choice. I had the freedom to get my choice.”

BTW: Henin picks Venus Williams to win Wimbledon: “I keep thinking that Venus is the best player on grass. She’s so big and tall, so, for me, she’s the favorite.”

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