Alicia Molik retires at 27, injuries drained her


Alicia Molik officially announced her retirement after a long run of injuries, including a debilitating inner-ear virus.

When she reached the Australian Open quarterfinals in 2005 Molik achieved her career-high of No.8, but spent most of the rest of the season off the circuit because of the virus.

“Injuries and niggles are part of being an athlete, and you accept it, but every time you suffer a setback it’s not just difficult physically but it’s very emotionally draining as well,” Molik said.

“It’s difficult getting back on the horse every single time and trying to attain the same level.”

Molik is planning to commit herself to new interests: “I think I’m still young enough to focus my energies on something that I feel is again challenging.”

The 27-year-old Australian won five singles and seven doubles titles in her twelve year professional career, as well as the bronze medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics.


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