NikeWomen “Here I Am” campaign features new Maria Sharapova ad


NikeWomen is launching a series of animated “Here I Am” videos and, of course, one of them is about Russia’s Maria Sharapova. The ad is showing Masha’s personal journey through the challenges of sport.

“They” love her one day and hate her the next. Glorify her, then vilify her. Yet despite the naysayers, critics and cynics, Maria thrives. 18 WTA and three Grand Slam titles lates, she continues to be rewarded for listening to no one but herself. – Nike’s website

The Pan-European campaign aims to show that women who have sport in their lives have greater self-confidence and live life to the full. It celebrates the emotional strength gained through sports, and strives to inspire a new generation of women to experience the impact of sports on life.



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