Justine Henin: “I do not miss tennis”

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Justine Henin updated the diary on her official website and the former world No.1 practically tells us that returning to professional tennis is the last thing on her mind.

I’ll be honest with you, I do not miss tennis. I keep a magic feeling of that period of my life. A time where I learned so much, but a new life fills me, and I am completely satisfied.

At present Henin doesn’t even do sports, because of her knee injury.

Many people ask me if I still do a lot of sports. Unfortunately, the answer is no. My knee still bothers me, and in a few days I’ll have surgery done on it. I’m impatient, and can’t wait to recover from the operation to do sports again.

Since the Belgian surprisingly announced her retirement from tennis in May she has switched her attention to other interests: her tennis academies and completion of high school studies.

I resumed my high school studies. In the peace and calm of Monaco, I go forward with my courses. I would like to take my final exams next year. I admit that it hasn’t been easy, but it’s very rewarding. I will do everything I can to complete this challenge.


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