Kim Clijsters’ father dies of cancer


Leo Clijsters, the father of former world number one and 2005 US Open champion Kim Clijsters, died on Sunday at the age of 52.

Clijsters died after a yearlong battle with lung cancer, according to Derniere Heure newspaper in Belgium.

The former Belgium soccer international retired in 1993 and managed his daughter’s tennis career until her retirement in 2007.


  1. Wow! Im really sad to hear this news. Kim’s dad was very prominate in her life and it was clear that they loved each other very much. My condolences go to her and her family. I hope they can get through this tough time.

  2. This clijsters is a hard hearted selfish and nasty piece of work. Her father has nothing to do with it. She just wants attention after watching the Aussie open and the run of Jelena Dokic she wants to have the spotlight placed on her. She was always a crappy boring player who played a lot of rigged matches. Players going soft with her because she was”supposedly so “nice” It is of course p.r garbage. I hope she gets hammered by the new generation Jankovic, Ivanovic and Sharapova in particular. By the way Clijsters should be made to qualify. Let her play 7 three-set matches to reach the quarters with the refs calling every ball out to make her loose. Then the tournament can say it gave her a “wildcard” This is the crap the tennis tour regularly does to Jelena Dokic. A player who happened to have “earned” all of the attention she drew to her down under in Austrailia. Women’s tennis is unfair garbage which is why I hardly watch. I certainly won’t watch Clijsters phony butt. She sickens me with her phoniness. She can only hurt women’s tennis by trying to comeback. She’s a mother of 2 for crying out loud. No point in the chair umpire cheating against other deserving players to make fatso clijsters look good. She stinks and I don’t like her and never will. Hope she returns and draws Serena Williams all year!!Ha, hah ha.

  3. Janine, I believe it’s inappropriate to speak of Kim in such a way, especially after a post about her father’s death.

  4. It’s sad that she didn’t even say a word about her father after winning the US Open 2009. She could have dedicated her victory to him!

  5. It’s all an act. True her dad died but he didn’t want her to keep playing tennis cause her heart wasn’t in it and the pressure was too much. Why not just walk away? A kid deserves a stable home. Clijsters wants to be household famous in America. She’s false and since she’s a “public figure” she’s open to criticism. She’s fair game. I can see beyond the gesture. She trashes the young players as crap and gets unfair calls against other competitors. She’s false that’s all.

  6. I know what it is to have parents die I’ve lost both of mine and lost my mom to cancer too. But I’m judging her as a tennis player & public person NOT as daughter. I’m judging the timing of it all. A lot of people deal with a lot of tragic grief and stuff privately. I’m not a fan of Putting everything out there. I find this is a tatic used often in the “celebrity” business to garner sympathy & special perks. I have compassion for her loss I just don’t like the pr it’s grandstanding.

  7. There’s nobody on this board big enough to make me budge an inch. Lynn and Mandy you two are 2 ugly jealous pigs (which is why you’re both clijsters fans). I crawl to nobody trash. Mandy& Lynne Go crawl under ugly kim and lick her toe crust. Neither of you are woman enough to carry my dirty socks or fit my bra. What makes any of you ugly cows think I’d regard anything coming from the likes of you? Ugly cowardly scrubs like yourselves and clijsters who make excuses and hide behind message boards & p.r statements will never be worth squat! Diamonds are the only rocks I wear (under my fingers)
    The beautiful one janine I rule!

  8. Mandy & Lynn you are two busted, ugly scrubs (which is why you are both Clijsters fans. Ugly inside and outside. I don’t regard your namecalling cause you lack any intelligence or expertise in sport. You cows have never competed in your sorry lives. I’d wipe the floor with you both.
    Mandy diamonds are the rocks above my fingers trash. On this messageboard I will give my opinion of clijsters she’s cheap, trashy, fake, ugly and not ready for prime time. That’s why she bought a man and her husband is an ugly nobody. She is a fat zero no celebrity appeal just like her fans. Deal with it! I don’t want her ugly puss coming into my living room. She didn’t win the US open 2009 the bad refereeing did it for her. What a loser. This woman is the problem with women’s tennis and slobs like mandy & lynn. Janine –the beautiful one

  9. Janine,
    hope you managed to crawl out from under your rock to see her just win the Australian Open…a pretty darn good comeback in my books!

  10. Kim is a real champion, well done you are a natural and as we can see truly respected and loved by the australian people. You go girl…

  11. I was thinking that too Lisa! Two US Opens and 1 Australian Open so far…that makes for an excellent comeback!

  12. hey all! Janie’s post really made me laugh out loud. i have been laughing for the last 10 minutes. I don’t know how can a person be so cruel to the other without even knowing him…. thats strange. if u r a sports person at least show some sportsman spirit.

    anyways… yup kim is doing great. its not great come back, its a comeback that every player can dream of. well hpe to see kim in action at RG 2011 and hope to see her doing well there….


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