Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco on their relationship vs. tennis


Ana Ivanovic and her boyfriend Fernando Verdasco were playing matches one after the other at the Brisbane International’s Monday night session and here’s what they said on watching each other play when they are at the same tournament.

Verdasco’s viewpoint:

I think that when we are in the tournaments we are working and we are doing our jobs.  We are here now to play the tournament, not to be (spending) time together, or stay like a normal couple. So I will try and she will try her best in the tournaments and then after the tournament we will have time together, maybe.

Hmm, maybe?

Ivanovic on staying there after her Monday match to watch her boyfriend’s:

I have a couple more things I have to do. Afterwards, maybe.  But also, it’s a late night so I have to do some recovery – and tennis comes first.

One more maybe!

Fernando on whether he’d stay to watch Ana if the roles were reversed.

I was watching her match because I was on after. But if I had to play tomorrow and she was playing (after) tonight, I would be at the hotel resting.  Here we’re doing our jobs. We will have time to be together after the Australian Open. For now, it’s time to play tennis and to be focused on it.

It’s good they’re focusing on their careers, but those maybes don’t sound promising. Is that really the way it absolutely has to be?


  1. make it work. work to make it work. love her, respect him and it will work. it’s all work – no different than being good at tennis

  2. i think the maybes is just all about the newness of their relationship, and for now they are just trying to enjoy each others company; and i think they are beginning to realize the extent of the interest that people have in their relationship and they are playing it safe by not saying too much.

  3. could be true, marie. they may be emphasizing that tennis comes first so that people would leave their relationship alone, and focus more on their careers.


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