Ana Ivanovic searching for a new coach


As you know world number five Ana Ivanovic is no longer coached by adidas’ Sven Groeneveld, although he was helping her during the Australian Open, and she has confessed being in need of a full-time coach.

I’m looking for a coach. We have already chatted with a couple potential coaches. In the near future, I really would like to make a decision. I think it’s important.

Also, without a coach for so long it’s a little bit tough. You just need some direction sometimes. That’s something I felt was missing in my game. Already for a while we’re trying to look into some good possibilities.

Obviously, it’s a hard one, so I want to make sure we get the right coach.

Ivanovic apparently changed her mind, she had been much more confident prior to the Australian Open, look what she said before:

I already do know a lot about tennis and about other players (and) I think I’m very young and maybe a full-time coach could still be very helpful. (But) at this moment, I think I can handle it the way it is.

Reminder: The fifth-seeded Ivanovic was upset by seed No.29 Alisa Kleybanova in the third round of the Australian Open.


  1. I can’t believe she’s not with Sven anymore! That’s news to me. It’s been a long time coming I think… he wasn’t even there when she won the French Open..

    She needs to clear her head, not try put the blame on coaching.


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