Ambitious Serena Williams aiming to become a successful writer


Serena Williams Serena Williams is aiming high, wanting to win a Golden Globes award for her writing skills. Sorry Serena, but as good a tennis player you are, you are that bad a writer. Everyone, remember Serena’s famous love poem?

The world No.2 revealed she’s serious about her writing career, and is even reading some manual on how to write a TV drama.

Off the court I have a new goal. I love writing, and for quite some time now I have wanted to write a screenplay. Before, I wanted to write a script for a movie, but now my goals have changed. I have decided I would love to write a “dramedy” — a mixture of a comedy and a drama. I think my goals changed because of my recent obsessions with Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle. I spend most of my spare time on my HP computer surfing the Internet. I figured I should trade in my remarkable ability to waste time into my ability to write. I have nothing to lose. Don’t laugh, because one day I will be at the Golden Globes accepting an award. I am currently reading this booked called Writing a TV drama Series. Venus bought it for me! I’m so excited!!!

I see she’s really serious. Plus, remember that after the US Open there was a piece of news that Serena was reportedly about to publish her memoir? (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. hi marija!

    serena won!

    a bit disappointing with elena, serena was actually plaing the big and crucial point the better……..

    and serena’s serve got her all the way, elena’s serve did improve, but the double faults creeped in; serena actually had no double faults and elena had about 5 double faults…….

    both players in the match hit the ball with power and with amazing depth and accuracy, and serena, i was so stunned, was dead accurate and patient…elena got the balls kicking in the lines, and if i were a player to play elena, i would be frustrated, her balls just jumps off the line and its hard to track……….

    i guess serena has to face dinara, as of the moment dinara had won the first set 6-3, and won the first service game in the second set……..

    i guess this saturday, the finals will feature serves and aces if dinara is to win this semis!

    but i won’t keep down the chances of vera at this moment! vera is playing a perfect non-error tennis! but dinara is another level to be crushed!

  2. …if her literary peers are the writers of the TV crap she listed, then she may well succeed in her new ambition.
    Maybe we should suggest she elevates her taste in literature and writing rather than mock her. I learned a longtime ago that there is a huge difference between being a ‘writer’ and being an ‘author’. That magic day when your first royalty check arrives, addressed to the Author, is a day never to be forgotten!

  3. Hi Pat, I’m too disappointed for Elena, but what can you do, Serena has once again proven she’s superb at Grand Slam stage. And Dinara advanced, so we’ll have Serena vs. Dinara. I think Serena has much higher chances to win, and I explained why in my latest post. Both Serena and Dinara are powerful players, often prone to errors. I’m hoping for an interesting, hard-hitting final.

    Derek, haha, yeah, they are her idols. I think we should suggest her to stick with tennis, as simple as that.

  4. marija for some reason you enjoy taking pot shots at Serena,remember she got a $1.3mil deal to write a book.I think you are very jealousy of her,I have been reading you blog for some time and find you always biased against the sisters.Who do you think will get a million book deal you or Serena,she can dream whatever she wants to be so far she has been successful beyond expectation and you hide behind this blog.

  5. I’m just reporting what I firmly believe, and that is that Serena is an excellent tennis player, but her writing skills are horrible.

    She’s got that $1.3mil deal because she’s famous, not because she’s a good writer. Do you really think she could be a good writer? Like really? She’s misspelling and mixing up some words I don’t find confusing, and English is not my native language.

    I noticed that I often make fun of Serena, but that’s not because I’m jealous, but because she’s giving me material.

  6. Marija you can try to justify yourself all you want ,you are very negative towards Serena and Venus but all the eastern europeans can do no wrong in your eyes.Its quite clear you are a serbian cheerleader,but your hate wont change the fact that Serena and Venus are more intelligent than you,they multi task and still beat your favourites at their own game especially Jankovic Sharapova and Dementieva.

  7. Oh Fyuto, I can’t make a discussion with you, I have no energy to continue this pointless talk. I don’t hate any of the tennis players, after all, I’m writing about them every day.

  8. Given the very low expectations Americans have of any kind of so-called writing, Serena will probably get readers. But I would probably be a better auto mechanic than Serena is a “writer.”

  9. I think Serena would be a very good writer. Besides, no one has to be great to do anything. There are a lot of people that I question how did they become the winner of anything but they won and that’s all that matters. Serena speaks well and always has a lot to talk about therefore I think she has a great chance at becoming a good author. Every successful author doesn’t always write their own material. At any rate, best of luck to Serena in all of her endeavors!


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