Michaella Krajicek wins in Memphis, first WTA main draw victory since June


Dutch tennis star Michaella Krajicek, who was ranked as high as No.30 in the February of 2008, scored her first WTA main draw victory since June, beating seventh seed Alla Kudryavtseva 6-1 6-4 in the first round of the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships & the Cellular South Cup.

You must remember Kudryavtseva, she upset Maria Sharapova in the second round of Wimbledon 2008.

Krajicek, who missed most of last year with an injury, is currently ranked 201st. She was offered a wild card for the Memphis qualifications at the last minute, arrived at 1 am, and played her first qualification match that morning.

Krajicek has recently moved to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy and is training full-time with her coach Allistair McCaw, while also taking advantage of the services of Nick Bollettieri, the IMG Performance Institute, and Bollettieri Sports Medicine.

The 20-year-old Krajicek will face Kristina Barrois of Germany in the second round of Memphis.


  1. I’m looking forward to the Wozniacki and Dokic match.Does anyone know where on the web I can watch this match for free?

  2. By looking at the stats the first set was over in a blink of an eye. This is textbook revenge, Ivanovic please take note.

    This tournament is not being televised in U.S.

  3. Here neither, that’s why I’m following Dubai. It’s strange you can’t watch it, since it is a U.S. tournament.

  4. Well tennis is not a major sport in the U.S. American football, baseball, basketball, college(American) football, and college basketball are the major sports. Tennis is consider by many in the U.S. as a recreational sport. Even football, soccer as is called in the U.S. by many is not consider a sport. (When I was growing up I heard a lot people say that tennis was a sport for the upper middle class and rich. I have to be one of the very few working class male in the U.S. that follow tennis, and when I tell people that I like tennis they think is for the wrong reason). Memphis is a small tennis tournament, the media is not going to bother to televise an event which is not going to garner ratings.

    Ms. Marija you look like the prettier version of Jelena Janovic.

  5. Yeah, Memphis is a small event, but I supposed the U.S. would televise its own tournament. Well, money comes first, as always. Hehe, maybe you should talk your friends into following tennis. 🙂

    What do you mean by “the prettier version of Jelena Jankovic”?

  6. I tried to tell my friends to follow tennis but they are not interested, they keep giving me the “are you kidding” look.

    If it wasn’t for cable television tennis would get very little coverage in the U.S.

    J.J. is not a bad looking girl. When I looked at your photo for the first time it was a quick glance and I said to myself, “Is that J.J?” But when I took a closer look at your photo I said, “Oh is not J.J. this young lady is much, much prettier”. Don’t get mad is a complement 😉

  7. Here too. They broadcast only some more important matches of our players, and Fed Cup and Davis Cup. Everything else I’m watching on cable TV. Eurosport is broadcasting Dubai.

    Thank you very much for the compliment. I look a bit different now. The photo at my “about” page is from the winter of 2007. In particular, my hair is much longer.


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