Maria Sharapova to miss Indian Wells


Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova’s skipping of tournaments is continuing. According to the Siberian Siren blog and their insider information, Sharapova will miss the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Not a big surprise, I have to say.

Seeing Sharapova practicing at the Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy gave us hope that she would make her long-anticipated return at Indian Wells. However, the Russian is apparently not ready for high-level competition yet and is waiting to be absolutely fit.

Sharapova has slipped to No. 23 in the rankings, not having  competed since July 2008 because of a shoulder injury. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. what? i was hoping she will make her comeback at indian wells..Dang! i miss seeing her play.. hope she recovers fast and back again to her true form..

  2. Unfortunately, I think we can say her recovery is already not fast. 😛 We can only hope she comes back soon.

  3. I hope she comes back soon we need her at least she has a little personality than most eastern europeans on tour.

  4. Now

    She was interviewed by the women who was making videos of her practice

    Sharapova said she was going to Los Angelas on Saturday, and that is the nearest airport to indian wells

    So y would she go there if she withdrew?
    Lets just wait and see what happens, but i think she is playing

  5. The fastest that I expect Sharapova to be back in competition would be for the grass tournaments. For starters she doesn’t like clay, and she likes grass, speacially Wimbledon. How she plays is another thing, it will take her awhile to get in top form. If this injury has her sideline longer, it is a sign that her injury was very, very serious and I don’t think she would be the same player. I like Sharapova’s game that is the reason why I watch her play, not for her long legs nor for her attitude which I ‘m not particular fond of.

  6. Remember that she has a condominium in Manhattan Beach. She likes L.A. for the Hollywood glitz, and her Hollywood friends.

  7. Yes, I’ve heard she flew to Los Angeles, but the word is out that she won’t play Indian Wells, and as I’ve said, I’m not too surprised. However, we’ll see, the news is still not confirmed.

  8. I think Sharapova is playing

    she would not fly to Los Angelas for a holiday?

    These are just rumours going around because she has not played in such a long time

    She has points to defend in Indian Wells and I she has none for SEOpen so i think she will chose Iwells before Secopen.

    It just doesnt add up and I am not believing a few stupid rumours over her flying to Los angelas this week

  9. It says she is unoffically out of tournament

    This is coming from a insider to the tournament
    There is nobody who gets access to the entry list or players wishes but the tournament officals

    I find this just all a big rumour which has made its way around the internet.

    She is flying to La this week to play IW y else would she fly to La for a holiday in March(DONT THINK SO)

  10. The tournament is starting in just a few days, so we’ll see. As for defending points, I don’t think that’s strong enough a motivation (if she’s still not ready to play), otherwise, she would’ve played the Australian Open.

  11. Well if she is practicing

    and i seen her practicing in florida and she looks fit enough as she is grunted and playing strongly in practice matches and winning

    so i honestly think it is a huge rumour that has just spirlled out of controlled and everyone thinks it is true and it has started from this so called insider who gets inside gossip to tournament, (give me a break)

  12. Aye ano

    i want her fully fit
    im a huge fan and all i want is a few answer on when she is defo to return i really hope it is a rumour

    wel it is a thought!!

  13. Yes, I’ve just written about it. She’ll use doubles to warm up for singles and get used to competing again.


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