Serena Williams launches redesigned official website

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Serena Williams launches redesigned official website

World number one Serena Williams has given her official website a completely new look, yay!

Those of you familiar with the website’s old design must be welcoming the change. The website seems much more professional now, it’s easier to navigate, the color palette is way more beautiful (actually, I love it!), and it has quite enough information on Serena including her upcoming and past schedule, photo gallery, Serena TV, biography, and more.

Serena’s welcoming us to her redesigned website saying:

I’m so excited for my new site to be up. It’s been a long, withstanding effort to get it just right. I hope you all enjoy it!

My favorite website of a women’s tennis player is still Ana Ivanovic’s (I believe she’s unbeatable in that department), but I’m very pleased with Serena’s efforts. Good job!


  1. I agree with you Ms. Marija, Ana’s website is the best, you get daily updates, extensive gallery on and off court, you get to read her diary (blog), and you have monthly contest. Worst website: Anna Chakvetadze sometimes it takes up to three months to get an update, and the gallery is poor, and you don’t even get her personal stats (height, weight, age, etc).

  2. Unfortunately, the list of bad websites of women’s tennis players is quite long. There are only few decent ones.

  3. I agree, but still, somehow, I feel it’s better to at least have a website, than to have none at all, if I have to choose between two horrible options.

  4. It is good to have a website,now we can get information which is updated and reliable to your fans
    Keep it up

  5. Thanks Serena you and your big sis have been the source of so much joy and pride a little heartbreak occasionally. I hope you remain fit and healthy to continue to pile up the awards. Thanks a lot.

  6. i think the clot is from her steriod abuse cause i have a sister whom is a user of steriod it make you so depess at time if you are not working out hard it make you lose control when you’re pumpup just like the outburst she had with the line woman steriod is very dangerous!serena is a cheater she find a lot of excuse one sick bitch also it make you lose passion for the things once love all the signs are in your face she has this wet look to sister venus lean look i am tired of manrena bunch lip service! when she bring her 1 game back to the tennis court then we know she back but for now forget that cheating fool


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