Justine Henin to become a TV star


Justine HeninAccording to Le Soir newspaper, television is the latest love of Justine Henin. The former world number one will show her on-screen talents on RTBF channel, participating in two big programs.

Henin will take part in the show called De twaalf werken van Justine Henin, which translates as The twelve works of Justine Henin. The tennis star will take on twelve personal challenges such training with Belgian soccer team RSC Anderlecht, cooking a meal, and modeling on a catwalk.

Henin will also have a guest role in the highly popular soap opera called Plus belle la vie, and as I understand, she will play herself.

In addition, the Belgian will also start hosting a music show that revolves around singer Lara Fabian.

Additional info: The new Justine for Kids website has been launched. There you can learn about the new charity organization and about its upcoming projects. The website will feature personal stories, photographs and videos to let you follow the works of the association.


  1. Yes finally, the former reigning queen of tennis from the shadows of post-retirement. Despite the fact, we are almost certain she will never return and should never if the inspiration and ambition has truly subsided, it’s so wonderful to see her dynamic and happy again; even if it is only media publicity-wise. Hmm modelling, well the Armani shots weren’t dissapointing at all…

  2. Heya,

    The network’s french, and the show is actually called “12 Travaux de Justine Henin”. 😉

    Juju did her catwalk bit the other night at a clothier. I posted some pics if you want to check ’em out.



  3. So it’s originally French? It was quite hard for me to write this piece of news, because different sources stated different things. Lynn, I see your post is the best on the topic, but I haven’t come across it the while I was writing mine. Pity.

  4. About time someone recognised true beauty,when in close-up Justine has the most fabulous clear smooth complexion,and the lovliest eyes,and dazzling smile….. and latterly, with only a hint of make-up,and a hair do,she outshines all the so called glamour girls,of film and TV,because she also has personality!


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