Jelena Jankovic worried about her mother’s health


Jelena Jankovic faceJelena Jankovic is again telling us about her major slump in form, all the reasons behind it and effects of it, but we’re also learning that the wrong training regime is not the only thing responsible for her bad results, her mother’s health is worrying her too.

I’m here in Indian Wells with my mom, who hasn’t been feeling so well. She’s struggling with some health problems. I’m really worried about her. That also affects my tennis, because I’m so close to her and the last few nights I haven’t slept many hours. If she needs something, I want to be right there with her. As a tennis player you go through a crisis now and then with your game, but it’s just a game, and at the end of the day there are more important things: the people who are close to you, the ones you love a lot. I just hope she gets better, that’s what I care about most in this moment. My game can come together sooner or later, hopefully.

In addition, Jelena again stated that she lost her reactions and speed on the court, and said she felt heavy.

My preparation in the off-season was different this year, and I don’t think the change has worked out for me. These weren’t the results I expected. Especially after ending last year so well, my goal this year was to start dominating women’s tennis. I wanted to be even better in 2009. I feel like I’ve gone down a few levels. My whole game is suffering, and I’ve lost my confidence. I’m making changes, like I’ll be working with a new fitness coach.

(source: Jelena Jankovic’s official website, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Well, I guess that explains JJ’s recent slump! Best wishes to her mother though cos I know how important she is to JJ and also to women’s tennis as a model tennis parent!

  2. Now we see that the wrong training regime isn’t the only thing bothering JJ. I also hope her mother will be perfectly fine and that JJ will return to her old ways.


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