Jelena Jankovic states Melanie Oudin “doesn’t have any weapons”


Jelena Jankovic, who was stunned by 17-year-old Melanie Oudin in the third round of Wimbledon, didn’t want to blame her own lack of quality for the defeat and even characterized her opponent’s game as mediocre.

From what I have seen, she can play if you let her play. But she cannot hurt you with anything. She doesn’t have any weapons, from what I’ve seen. She’s a consistent and quite solid player. She doesn’t make so many mistakes. But she doesn’t do anything either, so it’s like she’s depending kind of on you.

These statements seem especially unacceptable when you consider that Oudin made 38 winners to Jankovic’s 13.

I’m a Jankovic fan but she should have shown respect for her opponent and accepted her own decline, despite the diziness that affecteed her during the match.


  1. I was told by a coach once, that a true winner is someone who can lose gracefully. That is not a statement that shows a winner. Even if it is true, (which time will tell) it should not be stated by someone who lost to her. The girl is only 17, so watch out JJ.

  2. The way that JJ described Melanie Oudin’s game that is the way that I would describe JJ’s game. So let me get this straight, JJ says she lost to a “mediocre player”, lets assume that JJ is right, just how bad is JJ’s tennis now a days that she is losing to “mediocre” players. I take it that JJ is saying that her level of play is less than mediocre to be losing to a player that has “no weapons”. She is making excuses for this loss and now insulting her opponent. I had JJ in quarters, but just because she is upset about her loss it doesn’t give her the right to act like a big jerk.

    A couple of months ago I commented that JJ needed a break from tennis if she didn’t JJ would end up having a meltdown; she didn’t, and I take it that
    we are witnessing a meltdown JJ’s style.

    The “Kung Fu Tennis” did not work for JJ at Wimbledon is back to the drawing board for JJ.

  3. She was classless in this loss and that’s why I am off the JJ bandwagon. I agree also with Carlos that everything she said about Oudin’s game has been said about her own, how ironic.

  4. Cre8tivemind I totally agree with you.

    Carlos, let’s get this straight, that JJ lost to a “mediocre player” is my interpretation of her words, I summed it up in that word, but I didn’t put it in quotation marks. JJ’s words are only those in quationion marks.

  5. Sorry about the mistake Ms. Marija,(I’m beginning to sound like the guys on ESPN) 😛
    JJ’s comments that she lost to a player that “doesn’t have any weapons” is still belittling her opponent, and by doing so she is putting her tennis play in a worse light and her persona at is worst. The kung fu tennis master must teach his grass hopper (JJ) about humility to prevent her from sounding like a big jerk.

  6. I used to like JJ as she was the only player to look like she was having fun on court. Remember her smiles even after she lost a point? No more. First, she should be ashamed that she took two medical timeouts playing someone who had to battle through the qualies to even get there. It smacks of gamesmanship but she’s the one that loses. She needs a coach to tell her to tough it out and stop looking for excuses for her poor play.

  7. I am absolutely sure if any of these comments had come from the william’s sisters, especially Serena it would be making headlines in all the media houses.

    Atleast when the Williams sisters lose they knock the poor quality of their own games instead of trying to belittle their oponents and that is huge difference.

    Suffice to say what JJ is highlighting about her oponent game is a mirror image or carbon copy of the level of her (JJ) level of tennis right now.

    JJ lacks class and unless she can improve her game ten fold she will remain slamless and will further highlight the inanity of someone being a number one without the guts to win a slam.

    JJ it takes guts a little character and class to win a slam and maybe when you cultivate a little of these you would have began on a path to win or contend for a slam.

    I was one of your staunches supporters but now I have lost all respects for you

  8. GO JJ!!
    of course she would be very frustrated after a loss at a gs!
    She’ll show the world what she’s made of!!

  9. Those comments do make Jelena look like a sore loser and ungracious in defeat, but was just wondering if she meant those comments that way.

    My interpreation of those comments was that she was saying that Oudin didn’t have an outstanding shot, that she had solid shots but nothing brilliant, e.g. she doesn’t have a great backhand like Wozniacki, or a great serve or forehand like Lisicki. I only saw the first set, but IF Jelena meant it the way I’ve interpretated them, she might have a valid point. Melanie Oudin played really well, moved really well (which Miss Jankovic noted) and she hit some good winners but there was no shot that made you consistently think ‘Wow. She’s got a really good something or other.’

    However, I think that if she meant it like I’ve theorised that maybe she should have kept quiet, or at least said it more tactfully. Something on the lines of “I think she’s got a very solid game and it could take her far. I’m not sure what her biggest weapons are, but she’s quite young so she can still develop her shots,” possibly. An apology or at least a clarification probably would be a good idea.

    Also, to the people saying that Miss Jankovic’s comments sounds like she commenting on her own game, well everywhere I’ve read, her game is described as counterpunching. I always thought a counterpuncher moved well and put something back on the ball, but not necessarily that they had to have a big shot. That sounds like Jankovic.

    By the way, when Dulko beat Jankovic in Miami this year, she said that Jankovic’s backhand was one of the best in women’s tennis currently, so I don’t think she’s entirely weaponless.

    Sorry for rambling on. Hope I haven’t been too boring.

  10. Small Observer, I like your insightful comment. Yes, Jelena should clarify what she said, but I don’t think you can misinterpret the statement “she doesn’t have any weapons”. Any weapons!

  11. I guess it all depends on what your definition of a ‘weapon’ is. In my opinion, in tennis, a weapon is a shot that you think the player can depend on when they’re in trouble and is their strength.Not even necessarily a shot, but self-belief and a never-say-die attitude can be weapons, like Lleyton Hewitt in the men’s game. As just someone who sometimes watches tennis, I don’t have the knowledge to say, but I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what Oudin’s strength is. Maybe you have a different opinion. If so, I’ll agree to disagree.

    However, having re-read the interview, I think that the majority consenus is probably the more accurate opinion. Maybe a bit too much wishful thinking on my part! I think I’ll stick to just reading your fab website from now on.

  12. JJ is a spendforce nowhere near the JJ of the fall of 08.She lost to a player who plays like her…. retrieve retrieve retrieve.

  13. Small Observer, I like it how you defined a weapon. I can relate to your definition.

    Don’t stick to just reading my website, do contribute with comments, I find your comments very wise, objective and good-natured.


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