New WTA Tour Chairwoman and CEO Stacey Allaster defends the ranking system


New WTA Tour chairwoman and CEO Stacey Allaster touched the hot topic of women’s world rankings right after being appointed on Monday.

“It’s a 52-week ruling average and it’s a combination of the Grand Slams and Tour events. Without question, based on the ranking system, with consistent performance at the Slams and at the Tours, Dinara Safina is the number one player,” Allaster said.

Every fan has their own (ranking) measure, what we know is that we have a system… (Safina) has had a great season and she will win a Grand Slam I have no doubt in my mind.”

Therefore, those of you who find the rankings flawed, together with world No.2 Serena Williams, will not be satisfied soon.

Allaster came to the Tour on January 1, 2006 in the newly-created role of President, and has now succeeded Larry Scott, who was Chairman and CEO of the Tour for six years.


  1. Hear hear Allaster! What is such a shame with regards to the comprehension and knowledge of the global women’s tennis community is that, we had to have the Chairwoman/CEO personally respond to this heated controversy by explaining to us that yes, simply, as points ACCUMULATE, the player with the MOST, ascends to the title of World No.1. Please don’t undermine the confusion and controversy arising from this- although every sane person would deem it a, simple NUMERICAL rankings system, us fans must evidently be constantly reminded that it is based on points gained, and not the HISTORY OF THE PLAYER’S GRAND SLAMS PERFORMANCE, as tennis, to the despair of many avid Williams fans, are not central to the historical tally of GS’s won, but on the whole calendar year. As a recent article mentioned, it’s not ok for the Williams to ‘CHEAT’ and ‘TAKE A SHORTCUT’ by extricating themselves from the smaller, inferior in status and prizemoney to the GS; exuding excellence at events which matter the most, and withering away or withdrawing completely from regular tourneys.

    That is undisputedly, not the quality nor the integrity of a true champion, or WORTHY world No. 1. It’s not Dina’s fault, nor flaws of the WTA Tour ranking system that whilst DINA IS LABOURING, slipping and sliding ON THE OUTDOOR COURTS IN 45 DEGREES CELSIUS, SERENA IS PARTYING IN A MINI SKIRT, TANK TOP AND PLATFORM HEELS IN A NEW YORK NIGHTCLUB. Arguing for Serena with justifications of past GS accolades, or H2H history with Dinara, or ‘quality’ is not reasonable and essentially irrelevant. We exist in the present, and must not be stagnated by lingering and dwelling in the past. Hence the legitimacy of the numerical ranking system is unquestionable and to challenge mathematics is beyond absurd.

    Yes, if it were based on such criteria of past GS won, or H2H history with other champions, then the Williams would be at the pinnacle. But unfortunately, sigh, the rankings account the recent activity, or lack thereof of some obvious players and reflect the consistency, PARTICIPATION
    and excellence of their players in ALL events, and very, very, very sadly, the Williams numerous GGS could not topple Dinara’s record in all of her tourneys. What do you think? Maybe the sisters will have a chance if they actually participated, won’t they?

    Must it be repeated, rephrased, paraphrased more than once that this concerns the present World rankings, and not a generic ‘most popular player’ poll on, and that hence there is nothing wrong with the objective, numerical system? What an embarrasment!

  2. Stacey Allaster is just in the job and already making her mark. What’s significant about this in my mind is the fact that she directly names Safina, and Serena, especially the way she refereces Serena.

    Usually there is a tendancy with big organisations and suits to be quite emolient, but this lady has been quite unequivocal.

    Should make for interesting times.

  3. It’s just a system, math, numbers, and it’ll straighten itself out- I’m pretty sure the system is fair, in terms of its math, it’s all about waiting, timing and consistency, year-round. So Serena, please wait your turn, as I’ve said previously, and I hope Dinara wins a GS soon! And everyone else, let’s move on to tennis results, please! lol

  4. “We’ve got Maria Sharapova 😛 , a champion who is on her way back, and we’ve got Elena Dementieva and some young new bright stars coming. The depth is there.”

    I think I like her already. 😀

  5. When tennis players are members of the “Tennis Hall of Fame”, WITHOUT – A SLAM! Than I will say a slam is not important. Many long time players, including Pete Sampras, played mostly slams in later years. Pete also did not bother to go to Australia at all(down under). The criticism of the Williams Sisters’ playing schedule, is understood. However, through death in family, parents divorce, personal injury etc. They have proved to be excellent players with a schedule that allows them to be physically and mentally fit to play and win Major touraments into their late 20’s. I wish the new CEO much success.

  6. Am I the only one who is tired of the antics of the Williams sisters? In a word, they are: to guttural, to ghetto and to crude. Let us bring back some class and civility to Women’s Tennis. As an African-American man, I think we need classy role models in the Black community and for America and these Williams sisters do not possess one ounce of grace, style or beauty; in fact, for a clue about them, look no further than their Father, a crude and off putting man. I cringe every time they take the stage whether here or at Wimbledon. I lived in London for a year and I can assure you that these two women are merely tolerated in Britain and not celebrated. Furthermore, Tennis should outlaw their guttural grunts and groans; it lowers the prestige of the game and puts it on the level of professional Wrestling. All players, male or female should comport themselves in a civil and restrained manner while on court. For role models on court decorum, let us look to such greats as Althea Gibson or Arthur Ashe or Roger Federer.

    John Howard Nesbitt, MBA
    Jacksonville, Florida


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