Serena Williams welcomed by Barack Obama in White House

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Eleven-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams was welcomed by President Barack Obama in the White House.

“I love President Obama; he has such an unbelievable presence, and he seems to be so normal — and he noticed my shoes. I think that was the highlight of the whole day, was he liked my shoes,” said Williams who was wearing five-inch heels for the occasion.

Haha, is Serena completely replacing JJ and her funny statements?

The world No.2 also met Michelle Obama and the rest of the family.

“She had me cracking up and laughing. I knew she was a great person, but now I really understand how important this first family is to the United States. And the kids were just so cute and sweet, and the dog was nice,” said Williams.

Hahaha, even the dog was nice, what a perfection!


  1. @hotblackboi Explanation: This is not a news service, this is a blog, and blogs are permitted to use a more informal style.

  2. Congratulations Serena! she is such an inspiration and such an entrepreneur too! Have you all checked her new contest and beauty-line? she’s giving away tickets, $1,000 of her favorite things and a SIGNED RACKET!!!

  3. ^

    I wonder if there is a ban feature on this place. If so, do it now. Or if not, at least you can delete the posts, Marija. 😛

  4. I’ve deleted the insulting and totally inappropriate comments, of course, I’m always doing it. It took me some time because I wasn’t by computer.


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