Oudin ends Dementieva’s title hopes in US Open second round


World No.70 Melanie Oudin upset fourth seed Elena Dementieva 5-7 6-4 6-3 in the second round of the US Open.

The American 17-year-old had never before this week won a US Open match. Actually, her first wins at a Grand Slam came at this year’s Wimbledon, when she impressively reached the fourth round.

Dementieva was one of the favorites for the title, but instead Oudin handed the Russian her joint-earliest ever exit at the US Open.

Melanie OudinOudin’s opponent in the third round will be either three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova or another US teenager Christina McHale.

Additional info: Melanie Oudin is sporting the one-of-a-kind adidas Barricade V’s (pictured) that she personally designed for her US Open campaign.


  1. I was impressed how M. Oudin payed at Wimbledon and defeating JJ along the way to reach the fourth round. I had Oudin knocking Dementieva, so I’m not surprise about the result. I also have her knocking Divapova. It is a tough draw for her, she has to possibly go through the Russians (Petrova is also on her side of the draw). Oudin might be the taking the torch, and carry U.S. women’s tennis after the Williams sisters retire.

    Here are a few questions for JJ: How do you feel about losing in the second round of the U.S. Open 09,and the player that you criticized, M. Oudin advancing to third round? You criticized M. Oudin for her style of play, but in this loss you exactly played that same style, please explain? Are you planning to make adjustments or what adjustments do you think are needed in your Kung Fu Tennis? 😛

    A sad day for the Kung Fu Tennis world. 😛
    Great day for M. Oudin.

    Lisicki lost in three sets. I heard she was up 4-1 in the last set before losing the match 5-7 and injuring her ankle at match point. I bet somewhere out there, someone named Caroline is cheering.

    Dinara again needing three sets to advance to the third round.

  2. Cheer up Ms. Marija, maybe next year it will be a better year for both JJ and Ana. I think Ana is the one to worry about. I heard that her mother was in Serbia recovering from surgery, I hope that it is nothing serious and wish her a speedy recovery. It could as well affected Ana’s already fragil (game) mental state.

  3. I fear that the days of glory of Serbian tennis are over, at least with this set of players. I’m not saying that they are worthless now, far from that, but the amazing results of all of them at the same time are not likely to happen again.

  4. I suppose with not as much to defend next year, Jankovic will hopefully be able to improve her results from this year. Same with Ivanovic too, although I think for her, it will be harder, as apart from Indian Wells, she hasn’t been able to show any of her 2008 form. She does overthink everything, and was quoted as saying that she will “probably have sleepless nights” over the 1st round loss. I know tennis is her profession and her passion, but I don’t think that’s a healthy attitude to have.

    I’d like Mr. Carlos’ opinion on the following: I know Jankovic’s comments about Oudin were not really gracious, and not in the best of taste, but the American commentators for the Oudin-Dementieva match where I watched it were saying of Oudin at the start of the match that she was a good mover, but ‘does not really have any weapons.’ (I assume that they meant to hurt Dementieva). This is exactly what Jankovic said, but she got heavily criticised for it. I wonder what you think of the ‘experts’ saying this. [I promise, that although I have paraphrased, those were the comments.]

    Poor Ana’s mum, although I thought I saw her in the player’s box from the highlights of the match.

    Also if Caroline Wozniacki does not reach QF of this grand slam now, well that says something about her game, and it’s not positive.

  5. Ms. Marija, I asked this question to you before I’ll asked it again, how is the pipe line of Serbian women tennis? In other words are there any up and comers? Who is going to carry the torch after Ana And JJ?

    Got a name observer? Should I consider you as someone part of JJ’s Kung Fu Tennis team? 😛
    What I didn’t like about JJ’s comment was her hypocrisy, demeaning tone, her arrogance. The I’m better than her, she doesn’t deserve to beat me, she is not rank but I am, she is not recognizable as I am, attitude. It is one thing to be a commentator on a booth and point out flaws, strategies, etc. thats what there are pay to do (even they sound moronic at times). Another thing is to trash someone who just beat you, and doing so in a way that describes exactly how you play. The word is ironic and I putting it kindly.

  6. Haha. No, not in any way a part of JJ’s team. Have never met her, and doubt I ever will. OK, fair point about her comments. They were not tactful at all, and I did see at the time how it could be seen as all the things you pointed out. I thought it was more her talking about Oudin not being expected to win beforehand, so coming out with no pressure, although some of it was a bit sour. But maybe I’m just odd. I also agree that criticising an opponent who you’ve lost to is not a good move

    I think Oudin has a different style of play to Jankovic. She’s more aggressive, and I don’t think she likes being a counter-puncher as much.

  7. Carlos, I don’t remember what I told you then, but I don’t think my answer has changed. I still don’t know of a player lurking just around the corner to take the torch. I hope, however, that one will emerge soon. You see how things are changing quickly.

  8. Ms. Marija, actually you did not answer the question before, but I’m glad that you did now. 🙂 At the beginning of the year there seemed to be no American female player that would replace the Williams sisters. M. Oudin has come out nowhere, can she replace the Williams sisters? At this point I don’t know, but she is playing and having better results than the other young American players. I guess we have to see. Maybe in a similar way a young Serbian player may arise.

    Tennis Observer, I agree with your analysis of the style of play between JJ and M. Oudin. I think Wozniacki has a style of play similar to JJ.

    Rich F, I agree with your comments about the shoes.

  9. Marija, have you heard of Bojana Jovanovski? She’s Serbian, 17 and I know she’s coming through from the juniors but I don’t know how good she is. Any chance that she will be the next Serbian star?

    Oudin is looking like the next big thing. I have been following her for a while and knew it was only a matter of time before she made a mark in the women’s game.

    Azarenka has just lost. Further signs that the top women are really struggling!

  10. I was watching the live games on TV and, oh boy, Melanie Oudin has the skill to go up the women’s rankings!

  11. Carlos, I don’t think the Williams sisters are easily replaceable. Still, Oudin has shown that she has what it takes to become a well-known American player. Will she become as legendary as Serena and Venus, it’s still too early to tell.

  12. Good point Ms. Marija, but she already has shown that she has skills/game. She is as the saying goes “A little tiger with big paws”.


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