Video overview of 2009 US Open women’s tennis fashions


We’re enjoying a rich array of styles at the 2009 US Open and here’s a short video with comments, presenting what women’s tennis players have been wearing at the last major of the year.

My favorite has to be Maria Sharapova, followed by Ana Ivanovic (like it’s relevant, she didn’t even get to wear the lighter version) and Bethanie Mattek Sands (yes, I like the socks! :)).


  1. The video is private? Lol, maybe you can give us the YouTube channel link and we have to add the user as our friend to view it. 😛

  2. Oh it’s on your YouTube channel so you change it, haha. :p


    Thank you for the video, interesting choice of music. 😛 I notice that this was also a Powerpoint slideshow. If you need any help with making videos for your channel, ask me anytime! I edit plenty of short films. But I’ll have to get my program back first, and if you need any help, feel free to ask. 😀

  3. Teerin, I would some love help with the videos. I will do my next one for the AO for sure. But maybe something will arise before that as well. The music, I was browsing a website which provides free music, and I thought the track was lively enough to complement my video.

    Karolina, I’m glad you like the overview.

    Jacobappleton, I’ve seen some people like Venus’ dress. Why?

  4. I’m not a big fan of the dress either…. think both Venus and Jelena J wore better outfits when they were both with Reebok.

  5. Can’t decide between Ana and Caroline’s. I love the Stella McCartney line, I think it’s so pretty. And I like Maria’s night jacket, but the dresses are weird, and the headband has got to go. I only really like the headband on Victoria lol.


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