Broken Ana Ivanovic speaks about her crisis


Ana IvanovicAfter her probably toughest loss, Ana Ivanovic has decided to forget about tennis for a week or two – before tournaments in Tokyo and Beijing – and then hopefully end the yucky season in a worthwhile manner.

The world No.11 Ivanovic revealed some of her inner issues in her latest diary entry:

It’s no secret that this is the most difficult time of my career so far. Losing in the first round of the US Open hurt a great deal, I can tell you that.

I feel mentally exhausted. This season has been very difficult in terms of my health and form: even though I’m in great shape in terms of my stamina and speed, I’ve been picking up so many small injuries. Just when I felt like I was close to getting back into my rhythm, I would feel pain in a new place, and then I’d feel like I’m starting all over again.

It’s obviously affected my confidence and I’ve overanalysed it too, and let if affect me far too much – not just the injuries, but my desire to get back to the top.

Additional info: Here’s how the famous tennis coach Nick Bollettieri would approach Ana’s chronic problem: “If she came to me I would say tell me every single thing that’s on your mind. Everything! Do you still like the game? Have you lost your confidence? Are you afraid? Did you have a bad relationship?” (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Go to Nick Bolletierri Academy Ana!!!

    Maybe you can be like Sharapova…she is a rock in the court!!!!

    Poor Ana, so young!


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