Kim Clijsters shaves her coach’s head because of a lost bet


Who would have thought back in June that Kim Clijsters would win the 2009 US Open? Well, neither did her coach Wim Fissette when he said to Kim at the exhibition in Rosmalen: “If you win the US Open I’ll shave my head.” Kim won the bet, and her coach has lost his hair.

Look at Kim’s little daughter Jada with a soother at 2:40. I know I’m repeating this all the time, but she’s so cute.

Info: You should click through to watch this video on YouTube, because the administrators of Kim’s profile have disabled embedding (don’t ask me why).


  1. It just shows us the poor condition the Women’s tour is in right now…
    There is a dearth of good players on the tour…
    If Kim would not have been there, Serena Williams would have won….
    I believe Serena is an average player…but in the presence of below average players…even an average player like Serena shines like a diamond (and wins grand slams!)


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