Serena Williams sets single-season prize money record with $6.5 million


Serena WilliamsWorld No.1 Serena Williams earned $6.5 million in 2009, which is the largest amount of prize money ever earned in women’s tennis during a single season.

Williams won two Grand Slam titles in 2009 – Australian Open and Wimbledon – and finished the successful year in style by earning the season-ending No.1 ranking and winning the Sony Ericsson Championships.

Previously, Justine Henin held the record with her slightly under $5.5 million earned in 2007.

Serena Williams’ career prize money is now at record $28.5 million. (source: ESPN, photo by our reader Jacob)


  1. Jacob, Doha this year seemed like ER unit :0), so it didn’t take that much to dominate. My opinion about this year’s no.1 post is based on looking at the whole of the season. There was no real leader on tour,it seemed to me. No.1 twists and turns had sort of a yoyo effect throughout the year : once Serena than Dinara than again Serena…
    A worthy no.1 can sustain her post throughout the season in my opinion. So this year no.1 post belonged to great but not fantastic players. I know I’m demanding but hey, that’s just me. I just miss 2007 too much. That year roooocked!

  2. i suppose. serena did win australian open, wimbledon, made the semis at the us open and q and the french, and won doha. so if you had to choose, it would be serena? Dinara won madrid and rome (i think thats it) but thats just because they are on clay. It seems she chokes alot.

  3. I don’t see a leader in the women’s field at the moment.
    Serena has her slams, Doha and no other premier tournaments, Dinara has premier tournaments, Portoroz and slam finals losses, Kuzy won the French (anyone noticed that?- sorry, no hype)and China Open, Sharapova is getting there, Venus is not there anymore, Caro needs a few more years, Jelena is a lot of hot air, Ana needs to cut down modelling…
    So I don’t see a real leader, there, it’s all about big highs and big lows.
    However, there is somebody who is sticking out of the “grey average”, in my opinion.
    So for me the real no.1 would is a player who needed 3 tournaments as a warm up after a 2 year break to steam through current cream of the crop. Go Kim, the supermum 🙂


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