Svetlana Kuznetsova to play Sydney as Australian Open warm-up

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Svetlana KuznetsovaWorld number three Svetlana Kuznetsova will start her 2010 season and the Australian Open campaign at the Medibank International Sydney.

The Russian is the fifth Top 10 player to join the Sydney field after No.1 Serena Williams, No.5 and defending champion Elena Dementieva, No.4 Caroline Wozniacki and No.7 Victoria Azarenka.

It will be Kuznetsova’s fifth straight participation at the event. In 2008 she was runner-up to then world No.1 Justine Henin. (source: Medibank International Sydney, photo by our reader Jacob)


  1. Too bad, that confirms my decision not to re-attend Medibank:
    1. No Dina
    2. No Justine
    3. No majority of top ten women’s or men who are worthy or slightly interesting to watch
    4. Kuzy Williams Dementieva Woz= 2008/2009 bland
    4. The same ridiculous expected heatwave to ensure we return home as burnt toast
    5. I’m getting a 42inch LCD or plasma or whatever those techies have manage to invent these days

    Why do they all have to head towards Brisbane? It’s a relatively new tourney and there’s no prestige or history associated. Just because there’s incidentally a better ‘competition field’. But I suppose that’s appropriate, five weeks free from any distraction for the ultimate exams of my life.

  2. Well it would be nice to see Kuzy win this one as a warm-up it’d give her confidence she needs for the Aussie Open. I enjoyed seeing her as a surprise winner of French Open. It would be cool if she pulled off another surprise like that. Although against Justine, hmmm….we’ll don’t give that much chance.

  3. Well, I have seen Adidas collection and I’m not too impressed. Even McCarthy’s stuff is rather boring. I think they need to get more inventive.

  4. Let me ask you a question, did you want to watch Dina when she was ‘top, top’, like actually get toasted on the surface on the sun, to watch her run around for two hours? As I said earlier, there are no majority of top ten women’s or men who are slightly interesting to watch, for me.

    Kuzy Williams Dementieva Woz= 2008/2009 boring. The same thing, same winner, same technique over and over again. I would only watch live, for my favourite players, even if they were significantly lower ranked. Now if the competition field, were, say including that of the Brissie Int, that would be a different story.

    I suppose the tourney is still credible; the whole 4 out of 5 top players blah, but is inferior, this year compared to the drama and excitement expected in Brissie with the ‘new’ generation (ironically comeback) players.

  5. Yeah but doesn’t Brissie directly suceed Medibank?
    Two months, but I doubt my favourite players are coming. So 🙁

  6. i think they’re is two day gap. i know marion bartoli and azarenka went to both (they retired in sydney though) 🙁

    is azarenka playing brisbane? i dont think she will defend her title sucessfully


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