Countdown: Top 10 memorable moments of the 2009 women’s tennis season

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Our dear reader Teerin is contributing to Women’s Tennis Blog once again, this time by creating a countdown of the best moments in the 2009 tennis season.

Teerin would like to have been able to include more memorable situations, but YouTube videos can’t be more than 10 minutes long. Which WTA moments would you add to Teerin’s Top 10? I would include the emotional retirement of Ai Sugiyama and also, I would put Kim Clijsters’ US Open win on top of the list.

Teerin, thank you so much for your continuous and active support of Women’s Tennis Blog.


  1. If the video could have been longer, I personally would have added Amelie Mauresmo’s win in Paris and match of the year at Wimbledon (Serena Williams def Elena Dementieva). I would have also chose to show a few other moments of Melanie Oudin’s run at the US Open (even though I wouldn’t want to — hehe, you know why 😛 ).

    Once again, I’m very glad I could help and I look forward to future contributions to this blog in the future.

    And, I hope everyone likes the video. 🙂


  2. I liked the video,too. What I’d add is US Open Penneta vs Zvonareva which was fabulous. I knew from the first moment what the no1 memorable moment probably was though…
    However, I would put it as a no.1 because Kim’s victory at USO was undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the season.
    Also I’d add a scene we seldom see: Dinara’s moments of joy after winning 😉

  3. Teerin, this a great video, you’re clearly very talented 🙂 I would have put Kim’s US Open victory at number one and also Dokic’s Australian Open campaign was probably the most memorable for me after Kim’s victory. I agree with you, the match between Serena and Dementieva could also have been included as it was so exciting, although how Sharapova won all those matches at Roland Garros was phenomonal considering she had just come back. Watching this actually made me realise that this year in women’s tennis wasn’t as bad as some people made out.

  4. Marine, I also knew the Serena scandal would take the first place.

    Bróna, I would also put Kim’s win first, and Dokic’s AO run second. It’s better to have good moments ranked higher.

    Bb, it wasn’t me who made the video, it was Teerin, you should thank him.

    Macho Nacho, how come you can’t see the video? What’s the problem?

  5. I cant understand what Serena is says at moment nr you have a link from the press conference pls 🙂
    btw : great video

  6. Ms. Marija and Teerin, I could not see the video it says, “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions”.

  7. I received your e-mail, Marija. I believe part of the reason this happens to Carlos (who lives in the US?) is because I live in Thailand. I don’t know, I’m not sure but it happens some times.

    Let’s see what happens when it’s on another channel, as Marija suggested she’s going to upload it on her channel.

    If the same thing happens, then we can find another video hosting website other than YouTube (or Google Video — if it still exists). 🙂

    And thanks everyone.

  8. Teerin doesn’t know why that is the case. I will upload the video to my YouTube channel later today and I hope you’ll be able to see it then. I’ll inform you here in the comments.

  9. I changed the URL a bit, if embedding doesn’t work, then visit this link:

    [link expired]

    If it doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll find another way. 🙂

  10. Really, it’s still not working? Grrr, I don’t know what to do. I wasn’t able to download it and upload it to my YouTube channel, and Teerin wasn’t able to upload it to my channel directly either.


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