Win Wilson racquet signed by Justine Henin


I’m so excited to announce a chance for all the readers of Women’s Tennis Blog to win a Wilson racquet and a case signed by none other than former world No.1 and seven-time Grand Slam champion Justine Henin – a perfect introduction to the Belgian’s return to professional tennis in January 2010. This valuable prize was kindly provided for us by Kevin, our great cooperator from the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.

Justine Henin


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We are proud to announce that a six-member jury consisting of five tennis bloggers, including me, and Bojana Jovanovski, rising star of Serbian tennis, will pick the winner of the contest. The bloggers included are Aaress from On the Baseline, Diane from Women Who Serve, Rich from Down the Line, and C Note from Forty Deuce.


Each member of the jury will pick their Top 20 of all the participants who have qualified for the contest by correctly completing the first two steps, and rank them by giving them 1-20 points. Then the points will be summed up, and logically, the comment that gets the most points will win the valuable prize.

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The contest starts right now, and it ends December 19th, 6 pm CET. The winner will be announced by December 24.

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I would like to thank everyone for being so ready to support this competition on Women’s Tennis Blog. I’m thanking Kevin from the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour for initiating the contest by providing me with such a valuable prize, I’m grateful to Bojana Jovanovski for finding time in her busy schedule and all the tennis bloggers mentioned for being so eager to join the jury and help me pick the winner.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who will take part in this contest. I’m expecting an exciting time!

Good luck everyone!



  1. First I’d like to say this is an amazing prize, and I can’t wait for Justine to come back-she’s my favorite player, which I’ve stated many times on this blog =D and I knew she wouldn’t leave tennis behind forever because she’s a star on and off the court, but I rarely see off the court as I can’t read French =D

    Since Justine’s departure prior to the French Open back in 2008, the women’s game has lost a leader; the women’s equivalent of Roger Federer (though I think she stands on her own), and due to this there hasn’t been much stability, the rankings of the women at the top 10 have fluctuated since she left (Ana, Dinara, Serena all have been #1 without staying for as long/stably as Justine). And I’ve wholeheartedly missed her on the tour-her matches are always a delight to watch-especially her phenomenal backhand (which I’ve tried but to no avail imitate). I know she’s been playing since she was young and wanted something else to do besides tennis-have a life, start a business, work with kids, etc. and I commend her for it, but I secretly hoped I wouldn’t have to find a replacement for my favorite player.

    When she comes back in 2010, I expect her to be ready to win games, sets, matches and be the fierce competitor we know she is. She will not give up easily and will not disappoint her fans. She has that fire and competitive spirit and hardly ever gives up points without trying to run them down. And while older in tennis years than let’s say Victoria or Caroline, she’s still got heart and runs balls down left and right. I expect her to rise steadily, if not quickly in the rankings and have a very good performance at the Australian Open. She’s older now than some of the girls at the top, but she’s got experience which some girls lack and won’t buckle under pressure as much in Finals.

    She’ll bring fire and finesse back onto the court and challenge the other girls at the top to bring their best stuff-because she always wants to hit that extra ball and play longer (she’s definitely a grinder and amazing defense player-who can switch to offense in 1 second if you give her the change). The top girls will train harder because they know Justine’s skills, professionalism, desire to win matches and bring the level of tennis up. We’ve seen the competitive fire in Justine’s being, and of course, who can forget she still needs to win Wimbledon (it’s a must!).

    She’ll bring her experience and expertise onto the court and still remain an ambassador for tennis (via the media, endorsements, role model, etc). She’ll be able to help the younger girls on tour mature more and give them advice on striving to be better. She’s always been more quiet on the tour with the other girls, and more outgoing with Carlos and her friends, but I think now that she’s had time away she’ll be more open to people on the tour.

    And I’m not saying bringing fashion onto the tennis court is a bad thing (I think it’s great girls care about it), but I love that with Justine I don’t care what she’s wearing as long as I get to watch her and her high level of tennis she had when she left and now that’s she’s coming back (She recently beat Flavia, which is a feat considering she’s been away from competitive tennis for a year and a half and beat the #12 in the world).

    She’ll be able to start her rival up against Serena and Venus and Kim again. They used to have the most intense, contentious, lively, competitive matches those girls. Yes, they strike the ball hard but they will run after them, unlike today’s top women who hit the ball hard go for winner and that’s the end of the point. Justine’s return will allow us fans to see more tennis-not quick matches over in 30 minutes of play.

    And most importantly, we won’t have to hear her grunt (which I completely am annoyed and frustrated with in the current women’s tour-we need more silent but passionate and competitive players!)

    I sound like kiss as* now, but I really believe that Justine’s going to make 2010 a great year and she’s promised to play in the 2012 Olympics-so, a sport that I’ve played since 4 and loved watching on TV, that has been boring since she left and lacked stability with injuries to Maria, the inability of Dinara and Jelena to win Grand Slams and Ana’s regression, will become exciting to watch again and comment on blogs.

    Allez, Justine!!

  2. Fabulous contest!! The return of Justine Henin will shake up the tour in 2010 for the better. Since her departure there has been no real consistent dominant force in the womens game. You may argue Serena is the true number one but that’s only when it suits her to play and win. Henin consistently beat her and Venue and everyone else so I’m looking forward to how her competing affects the rankings and results in the slams.

    I’m hoping for some great matches between her, Clijsters and Safina if she can bring her A-game!

  3. it will be interessting to see how see copes with the current level. I think she will change it for the better. as leona pointed out no real dominant force. I agree. i wonder if JJ will beat her for the first time.

  4. iknow she will come back strongi know she is good and the will be on top and remain the winner God bless you

  5. well first of all thank you Marija for the opportunity.

    I think the return of Justine Henin to tennis is what women’s tennis needed. The women are in need of a dominant leader right now. the second coming of Juju is going to bring excitement, competition and old rivalries will appear again. Her tennis is attractive, her backhand is one of the most beautiful i’ve ever seen, and is an effective lethal weapon. That backhand was the shot that brought Henin seven slam titles. and i have no doubt she is going to win more. Henin is a serial grand slam champion, but she was never a tennis superstar. Now she has a cjance to become engaged with people. I hope 2010 to be a year to remember for good reasons and i think Justine will have a remarkable contribution for that cause. What separates Justine from everyone else is that she was consistent, and she took every tournament seriously, not just the slams.

  6. Welcome back Justine! Please know that the players have changed since your departure after your loss to Safina. Now, it is the youth against the veterans. Not only will you need to contest the comebacks of veterans like Jankovic (much better after a poor 2008 start), Cliisters, and especially Sharapova who is 100% ready for 2010, but also the former teenagers like Azarenka, Wozniacki, Cibulkova, Lisicki and hopefully Wickmyer. These 20 year olds aren’t going to roll over and play dead just because you have been their idol. They hit HARD and accurate. Lisicki set the serve speed record in Bali. Get ready for a rumble where the top 25 players can beat any other on any given day.

  7. Marija,

    I am once again grateful for this opportunity and astounded with your exceptional commitment to the blog.

    I think it is difficult to measure how affective Justin will be to the tennis community in the upcoming year. In the end, fate will decide. Being an open ended question, the answers will obviously vary as it is indeed difficult (if not impossible) to predict the future.

    Watching her play the finals against Jelena Janković at the Rogers Cup in 2007, I realized that she is a true champion. Although I never liked her (because I always cheered for the Serbs) I still uphold this sympathy and respect for her game and winning attitude. I believe that she will have an impact in the tennis World as it is evident that she is still in form and able to beat top players like Flavia Pennetta.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards Bojana Jovanovski as she is the future of tennis, and thank her for contributing to this great event! It is much appreciated by all. I am thrilled to see that all the bloggers are united and help each other out… very genuine! I think it’s great for the future of tennis blogs in general!

    I believe that Justin is capable of winning some titles this forthcoming season, but I’m also hoping to see the breakthrough of some younger stars like Bojana Jovanovski as they are truly the future of tennis.

    Thanks for your time, and I’m looking forward for more of your great articles!



  8. I think she will add another dimension to the already competitive women’s tennis circuit. Her being back is good for the game as she’s a proven player with great quality and she will help to raise the standards of the game being played currently on the women’s tennis circuit.

  9. Thanks for the contest Marija,

    The comeback of Justine will hopefully bring back a stability and consistency in the game. If there is one thing sure, Justine would not comeback to the pro tour if she was not sure of being at the top of her shape. That will warranty us good tennis for 2010. I never had the occasion of seeing her live, but you ask me which game I remember the most is the semi-final of US Open against Capriati an epic match where everything was against her. She Had cramp in the legs, dehydrated, the crowd taking Capriati side. Justine manage to concentrate her energy and won the match against Capriati and won the final against Kim the following day. This is what I call a great champion.
    So this is all of this that Justine will bring to the game in 2010. The Williams sisters will have to work a lot harder to win the different gran slam….

    Welcome back Justine you rock


  10. First, I’d like to thank Kevin for providing the prize, and to thank the six panel members for their time in judging this wonderful contest.

    Justine Henin’s leaving the game at the top created a vacuum that women’s tennis has still yet to recover from. In the two short years, there have been no less than four #1 players, showing that there is no woman in tennis today of Justine’s status or level of play.

    Women’s tennis needs leadership, direction and tough competitiveness at the top in order to face today’s market challenges and fill stadiums. Justine, along with Kim, Serena and exciting newcomers like Caroline (and soon Bojana!) are here to lead us into the new decade.

    I can’t wait!

  11. Thanks for having this contest.

    The return of Justine Henin in 2010 will surely change the landscape of women’s tennis. When she retired in 2008, the leadership of women’s tennis is in a limbo. There was no assertive leader of the group. Gone was the time when the world no.1 would assert her supremacy in the game. Nobody question her accomplishments. But since the departure of Justine, a lot of questions were raised in women’s tennis. The inconsistencies of ana ivanovic, jelena jankovic and dinara safina, the question of motivation of the part of william sisters and the injury problems of maria sharapova to name a few. To put it simply, women’s tennis lack excitement and intensity.

    So what could Justine bring to the table now that she will be back full time in the women’s tour? The answer: a lot…..

    Here are some things that we can look forward to in 2010:

    1. The return of Justine Henin will surely challenge those who are in the top 10. I’m pretty sure, the William Sisters, Russian Armada and the Serbian ladies will prepare really hard this off-season to stay in shape and polish their game since the true queen of tennis will be back in full force.

    2. Her game. Justine’s game is totally different compared to those who are in the tour right now. Who would forget the silkiness of her forehand and the exquisite execution of her backhand? Even male player’s are impressed of how she executed her one-handed backhand to perfection. When Justine retired, Ana Ivanovic was quoted as saying that Justine brings the best in her and other players and that Justine was a very different player. Fans don’t just want to watch tennis with glamour but they also wanted to see tennis with a different twist, athleticism combined with mental game on hand.

    3. Rivalry. Fans flock to the court to see great rivalries. Who would not forget the rivalries of Justine against Kim, against the William sisters and against Maria Sharapova. Her matches with them are surely a tennis classic. What Justine sets it apart from other players is her ability to use her head all the time. Remember the French open match against Svetlana Kuznetsova? She was 1 point away from exiting the competition when she suddenly turned the game around in her favor. Then, there are those tight matches, were you can see that despite the pressure she still can keep her cool and execute her strategies very well.

    4. The Hunger to win. The elusive Wimbledon title is considered by Justine as the main reason why she wanted to return to the women’s tour. This will make tennis in 2010 very exciting since she will challenge the dominance of the Williams sisters in the grass courts of Wimbledon. Justine is not a kind of player who only do the talking all the time. She tries to match it up with the right plan and strategies in order to get what she wants.

    5. Justine is an exception to the rule. Justine Henin is not a conventional player. She doesn’t have the height to produce power tennis but she compensates that with sheer determination and guts to beat those who taller and bigger than her.

    I can’t wait to watch tennis in 2010. With these things in mind, Justin Henin will be once again a force to be reckon with in women’s tennis.

  12. Yes Justine is consistent, serious and persistent in whatever she does but she simply do not have the the wild risk taking, highly talented and adventurous attitude of the new era of women tennis players.
    She is too clinical and perfect in her approach and I really get bored watching her play even though I know she is playing better than her opponents. The best game I enjoyed watching Justine play was with Maria in the Australian Open where Maria beat her and later emerged as the champion.
    Justine’s entry next year may not create the kind of impact that fans want nowadays . There is more we want in the tennis arena today, aspiring women players who are so human and emotionally charged and dramatic in their pursuits to attain their goals through failures and successes not just a perfect robot.

  13. I must admitt when I first learned of Justine Henin’s comeback I was not shocked. I had always wondered why she had retired so soon, especially when she was at the top of her game. After reading about her and her husbands divorce though the pieces of why and how came together. Tennis and marriage both are full time jobs and I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to try and juggle both. The lord brings people into the world at his own discretion and everyone has their purpose. Obviously there was something else that the good lord wanted Justine to do and that was lay a foundation for a tennis academy called “The sixth Sense Tennis academy ” in Florida. She and her longtime coach succesfully did so.
    There are too many ways that Justine’s comback will effect woman’s tennis, but I’m most certain that all of them will be positive. Not only is she a wonderful role model, but a gracious and an extremely classy player. Eyes of tennis fanatics from all over the world, will be glued to the television the first time she walks back onto the court. She makes tennis interesting to watch. I think she will give the new and top notch players a run for their money and will teach them a thing or 2 about what it takes to be a world class champion. And although it helps to have bodacious skills on the court, it’s really about what comes from your heart that makes a player a “true” champion. And she has the heart of a lion Justine is hungary again and I’m most certain she has the other players on the tour biting their nails in a nervous manner.
    I’m one of the many tennis fanatics that will be anxiously waiting to watch her first match. Go get em Justine. That number one title is yours for the taking once again!!!

  14. When I heard about Justine’s comeback to tennis,I wasn’t very surprise is because many tennis star do come back after when they retired,take for example Martina Hingis,the former world number one woman do comeback after retirement and based on my opinion,the women tennis will definitely would be a competitive as there top players in the ranking winning Grand Slam and other tours.

    Justine will made a huge return to the tour if she wins the Australia Open 2010,and she would be the next women to win a Grand Slam title after Kim Clijsters.Besides that she is very determine and consistent.She got the brain to manipulate her opponent off the match and win it.

    Moreover,Justine do have many experience in tennis and she will not fall,probably she would struggle a few match point and set when she play her opening match in tennis,but she will overcome it with her experience she have in her years in the tennis circuit.

    Good luck,Justine in the Australian Open 2010 and she would be a great woman if she wins the Australia Open.Her hard work would bring her back to the ranking in the WTA tour.

  15. Since Justine left the WTA tour in 2008 the women’s circuit has suffered severally. Evidently, no player has replaced her in her quest of total domination. The WTA players have tired, all fans know this. Serena, Dinara, Ana and Jelena have had the responsibilities of having the number 1 title; however they have not lived up to expectations, something in which Justine did beautifully. The return of Justine will hopefully bring back this fierce competitive nature which the females player carried when versing Justine. The comeback of Justine will be major! Many young players will be so nervous to verse arguably the best female tennis ever that their games will crumble. If Justine lives up to the Medias expectations, the rankings will disintegrate around her and Justine will quickly return to the top of the rankings. This result will affect many players’ confidences, which will result in their bad judgments’ whilst playing, something we have seen in many female players, past and current.
    However, I also think that the current girls will train harder, hit faster and run quicker, because they know that Justine is such a threat they are willing to do anything to make sure she does not return back to her form in 2008. Justine’s retirement was such a shock, because she was dominating women’s tennis. Because tennis is such a mental game, a few matches under Justine’s belt, she will be back and better than ever – I’m sure of this because she will be training incredibly hard to prove to the current top 10 she is not a burnout. Justine’s return will also be positive; she will provide a great role model to younger and aspiring players. While Serena provides this roll, do you really think that she is a good role model after what happened at the U.S open? Have you ever seen Justine Swear? Have you ever seen her break a racquet?
    Another thing which is exciting is the rivalry. The return of Kim and Maria, alone with Serena and Venus will be something quite special. I can imagine a fantastic match between Maria and Justine after what happened in the 2008 Australian open. Something also to look forward to is the matches against Serena. Serena and Justine met about 5 times in the quarter finals, and Justine won them all. Will Serena win, now that she has been described as “the top of her game” by many commentators? This will prove very interesting, to see how both players have developed over the best two years or so.
    2010 will provide something new and exciting. With Justine’s return, WTA tennis watchers will be able to see some variety in playing style. We as viewers are so used to seeing Forehand and baseline rallies, which eventually start to bore. Justine provides a fantastic serve, along with arguably one of the best backhands in history – including the men. This provides a great mixture, something we are so not used to seeing. Samantha Stosur provides a mixture, but it will be good to see another player and more consistent player play. This leads into the consistence of Justine’s playing, we have seen she is an all rounder on all 4 surfaces (not so much grass). Today’s players generally prove themselves on one surface, an example is sharapova or clay – she simply doesn’t trust it.
    Last but not least, she will show pure class! In everything she does, serve, groundstroke’s , fashion and all around style.
    Roger Federer once said when Justine retired “tennis has suffered a huge loss today.” Have no fear Roger, Justine is back, and fingers crossed for her to be better than ever! Good luck everyone, and Justine!

  16. When Kim Clijsters announced her return, I hoped that her compatriot Justine Henin would return, too. When Henin retired, I thought she wouldn’t return, but I was wrong! She announced her return just a few times after Clijsters’ awesome performance at the US Open, and I couldn’t stop smiling while thinking about it!

    Women’s tennis, of course, needs someone like Henin right now. I still remember when Henin still played her first career. The tour was dominated by players that really deserved to be called Top 10 players. But now, the tour is dominated only by the Williamses, and some players that so-called Top 10 players. Henin’s return will change it all, and every female player lies if they say that they do not afraid of her. If she makes a remarkable comeback like Clijsters did, I’m sure that women’s tennis will change next year.

  17. About Justine next year
    I think that Justine will return even during next season back to number one, because she is so excellent every surface and she is mentally so tough player so she will won many big tournaments.

    Effects to women tour
    Competitions comes harder and harder because two Belgium ladys make comeback, which is only good for tennis, because level at woman tennis hasn’t been so high lately, which indicates Dinara Safina spot at number one many months, even nobody consider, that she is the best woman tennisplayer. So I think effects will be only positive, because level of tournaments comes higher and there is back now some old masters, and so winning tournament is now more challenging.

  18. Among the WTA circuit, Justine was always an example of mental stability, like a true athlete should be. It will be great to her back in the circuit! Allez Justine!

  19. I think the return of Justine Henin will bring back the life into the WTA because since she’s left no one has been able to hang on to the #1 ranking. Only she was able to do this and she definitely earned it with the way she played and how she moved on the court against even the strongest of opponents. Even though many of the players are very tall now, she still has all the right shots and moves in order to beat them and is a really clean player. Being one of my favourite tennis players of all time I’m really excited to see her come back right after my other favourite tennis player (Clijsters) has come back. I believe that she will be a serious contender at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships because she knows how to deal with the pressure unlike many of the top players of these days and really strives for what she wants most which is shown through her tennis. I think we’ll see a drastic shift in the WTA rankings this year and weill also see some amazing matches as some of the top players of our time will battle it out and we will finally get to see some real tennis again. =)

  20. The return of the Justine Henin the queen of tennis will be a much eager nad anticipated event!!When Justine left the Tennis circuit it was a sad place. Some on the other than may not agree of course I’m a Justine fan,but when Justine picks of a racket you want to watch with a backhand any tennis player would love in there armour!Justine left on top of her game and couldn’t have ended 2007 in better way prior to her annoucment in May 2008. Since them the womans game has had several number ones but none as consitant and Justine herself. The womans game for me lost all it’s spark and interest and they was no competition.That’s not say they haven’t been any good matches or deservy winners like Serena and Kim Clijsters for that matter.Yes they are some good players on tour new young talent and ok Justine is 27 but 27 or not she a rare talent and I think she will back a better player than when she left and will relish every single challenge that comes her way.And I believe that the one title she wants and that Justine I and all Justine fans want her to win(wimbledon) will be hers at some point so the words I never thought I would say again is ALLEZ JUSTINE roll on 2010!!!

  21. The greatest anticipation i have felt all year when i heard the glorious news – Queen of the Courts – Justine Henin was to grace us again with her presence on the WTA Tour…☺

    There are numerous factors that Justine could change in the course of the 2010 Season. But i think the one of the main changes would be Justine herself. Afterall, how many of the younger rising stars on the courts now have watched, studied and tried to disect or even emulate Justine’s incredible and complex gameplay…? There will be so many diciplines of her game she will have changed/improved, as i’m sure Justine will want to keep her opponents second guessing her all the time, just incase they think they know what to expect during a match. But we all know for sure whatever game she brings – will be her A Game….!

    Justine is a very intelligent tennis player who thought about and worked out points and play, this is what a lot of todays tennis players lack so i’m hoping the whole “whack the ball as hard you can and hope it goes in” gameplay changes for next season…..

    As an Ode to Justine to say a big THANK YOU on your Incredibly Warm Welcomed return, I thought i would repost a small poem (with a few words adjusted) i put on Justine’s Official Website some years ago for the sheer brilliance, exitement and joy recived from watching Justine play….

    Justine your a star
    Your tennis is just Ace,
    All your opponents on their toes
    Struggling to keep your pace.

    Former number one
    Still shining above them all,
    Seven Grand Slam titles under your belt
    Your eye is so on the ball.

    Determination, Stamina, Speed , Control
    Always at it’s best,
    Executing point by point
    With such beautifully controled finesse.

    You never fail to impress us
    Henin fans through and through,
    We love and missed you Justine – WELCOME BACK
    Allez sweet JuJu….x.♥.x

    I’m going to be glued to the T.V. all next year now…. And just to sum up on the biggest change to the 2010 WTA Tour Season….. will be 100% times more watchable… Bonne Chance Justine xxx

  22. With Justine’s comeback, I am hoping that the other competitors on the WTA tour will be motivated to work harder and to be better players than before, because otherwise they will have their butts kicked by Justine! I can’t wait to see Henin back in action, and I will be rooting for her at Wimbledon, that is for sure!

  23. I’d just like to say thank you so much Marija for this wonderful competition!

    I think that the comeback of Justine Henin will have a major impact on the women’s tennis scene in 2010. Justine will reignite the tennis world with the intense speculation that will surround several aspects of her comeback, in turn giving the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour a boost that is long overdue. How she will compete with her long established rivals such as Serena and Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters, if she will be able to cope with the ever-growing generation of youngsters like Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki and if she will re-establish herself in the way that those who have gone on the comeback trail before her like Serena and Kim, who came back from the brink to take the tennis world by storm once again will be fascinating to watch to say the least.

    I have reservations as to whether she can be a dominant force once again. At the age of 27, time is not on her side, however the fragility that has been visible in the upper echelons of the women’s game since her departure may mean that there is space for her in the elite levels once again. With the aforementioned players and competitors of the calibre of Dinara Safina, Maria Sharapova and Elena Dementieva never to be discounted, it is impossible to predict how she will cope.

    Whether the effect of this will be good and how it will change the women’s tennis scene is very interesting due to the contrasting fortunes of “comebacks” over the last few years. These comebacks have exploited the weaknesses of the elite players, but I do think that the competitiveness of the game will be raised as the others will have the hunger and determination to beat such a great champion as Justine. This again will lead to a lot of interesting scenarios which will keep tennis fans guessing and on the edge of their seats for the coming season. What is definite though is that Justine Henin’s comeback is likely to be the story of 2010, no matter what happens.

  24. Honestly,I’d Love Kim Clijsters More than Justine but I’m so Happy 4 her Comeback bcz that ‘ll be make a Great Challenge Next Season….

    and I Known that she’ll Play In Egypt just a Friendly match vs Nadia Petrova so, I’m so Glad 4 that…
    GD Luck 4 Jusine..
    thanx Marija..:)

  25. 2010, is going to be a good year for women’s tennis with the return of Justine, Kim and the real Maria Sharapova.

  26. wow! thats what i had to say when justine announced her comeback. i was stunned. well not really because she was still so young but at the same time she was seemed so certain. originally i wasnt a real fan of justine but from 2006 on i became a true fan. i guess it was to late seeing how she retired 2 yrs. lateer 🙁 but all is well now! she is back and i believe better than ever. i think it will take her a little adjusting time but eventually she will be hitting the ball with as much power as she left with. but to answer the question. i think the wta tour will have to step up in a MAJOR way to try and hang witht he top players now. with Serena, venus, kim, and hopefully Maria all at the top, justine will just add more firepower and depth. so in order for upand coming players to keep up with the trends i think they will either half to improve ther fitnees and bulk up so they have more power. Or a majority of them will have to add more depth and skill into their game so they dont become so one dimensional. overall i think justine’s comeback will be a huge success and i think she will eventually hit double digits in slams like she rightfully deserves.

  27. What will we will see? Intensity, heart and a competitive fire, not just from Justine but from all the contenders. Justine will be a dominant leader, both on and off the court. She will make everyone up their game. Who will come out on top? That is where things will get interesting. The comeback of Justine Henin will mark the comeback of women’s tennis. I can’t wait for 2010, one thing is for certain, it will be exciting!

  28. wow! This is a really great contest! Congrats Marija 🙂
    A lot of has been written already, so I will try to keep it brief: competitivity, regularity, consistency, class, technique, mentality, character, leadership.

  29. I think that when player comes back, she start playing with a lot of enthusiasm. It will worth to see Justin playing after the break, because she will not be tired and bored of playing on court.

  30. I would just like to say I can’t wait and I am sure Misses Serena and Venus Williams are begining to feel rather nervous and swirm in their seats. I am looking foward to see how she will slot in and I think she will do very well.

    She has all the tenacity and mental toughness required to achieve great heights only time will tell.You have to remeber her strenghts and she will know from past experiences how to pace her body and mind.

    She has shown how well she can play on all the Grand Slam surfaces and I am sure the ladies lockrooms will be a buzz come the new tennis year
    starts and woe be tied any woman who stands in the way if Justine Henin. Myself included.

  31. JUJU wil be back strong,from her descent WTA has been a graveyard,there were gud matches,but none of the girls were strong physically n mentally as Justine was n hence were not able to capitalize on Justine’s absence,now that she is back,she knows very well the court is wide open,if she remains the smae JUJU,its definitely going to be her cour yet again,she can do it.

  32. How will the comeback of Justine Henin change/affect the women’s tennis scene in 2010?

    Justine Henin is an ispiration to her fans, she’s a hero, an artist, a woman filled wih lots of determination and fighting spirit so the change would most likely be evident on the side of her FANS. Watching her play tennis in the most extreme way possible because of her amazing striking ability, incomparable rythym and menacing fierce shot winners is like watching “tennis in your dreams” (you know where you want all the shots to be hit beautifully) so she’ll definitely serve as a hope to her young fans to continue play all court tennis. And as she fulfill her dreams in 2010 (which I’m sure she will, I’m very positive abou it), she will also fulfill her fans dreams of waching her play fantastic tennis against the giants of the game that can only result to incredible accomplishment through sincere hardwork, sacrifes and unique passion.

    She’ll restore what the WTA had lost before, an amazing athlete who’s achievements were accomplished through hardwork & intense passion to the game of TENNIS.

  33. Justine Henin: The Comeback Queen of 2010

    We often look for role models in our life. In men and women’s tennis, there are plenty of role models to look up to. One individual that particularly sticks out is Justine Henin. She is not only an extraordinarily talented tennis player but her personality and off-court activities are truly remarkable. Her comeback to tennis will surely spur a lot of positive changes in the women’s tennis scene in 2010 especially in the areas of: competition, off-court activities, and igniting more inspiration.

    1. More competition: Justine’s comeback to the game will definitely pressure players to train harder. Other female players may even change their training routines just so they are in tip-top shape to beat Justine. Their playing styles may also change and show more variety such as incorporating more of an attacking game, serving and volleying, become more of a “thinking” player to dictate strategy, effectively exploiting their opponents’ weaknesses, and so forth to make their game more level with Justine. They will also have to be more consistent with their performances as Justine held the #1 spot for consistently long periods of time. Likewise, her comeback may also induce an era of dominance and leadership (whether her or another player) which Federer currently exhibits in the men’s arena, while after Justine’s retirement, there have been waves of different women holding the #1 ranking but lacked a single dominant player ranked as #1 for a consistently long period of time. Although Justine had some exciting rivalries with the William sisters and Kim Clijsters, other players will definitely be added to this rivalry roster with Henin as the skills of these players change and evolve and there is a presence of both veterans and young guns. Justine Henin is also extremely mentally tough especially losing her mother at a young age of 12 and is also known to claw her way back and win grueling matches after being a set down. The other players will have to be just as emotionally tough in order to contend with Justine’s high standards. If the players are training harder, playing better, with a tougher mindset, it will not be surprising to see the matches getting longer and the quality of play getting better as players face more intense competition due to the improved skillset of these players and the greater variety in their games. Since Justine is such a fierce competitor, she will change the rankings dramatically. Only those good enough to contend with her can remain in the top 10 rankings and her exemplary performance will weed out other players from the top rankings who cannot keep up to par with her superior performance level. Also, as players train harder and play in more tournaments to elevate their ranking status, this may force more injuries and tournament withdrawals due to their accumulated fatigue. The worst case scenario would involve leading some current players to burnout and retirement. In essence, Justine is going to raise the bar of the whole game and bring out the best of athleticism from all the other players as the sport gets extremely competitive and intense.

    2. Beyond the court: Justine Henin has done some terrific charity work. She opened “Club Justine N1” and founded “6th Sense Tennis Academy.” Other players will surely follow her footsteps and try to add more charity work under their belt. Justine is also a very dedicated tennis player and strategically avoids distractions. There are many things that can take up a player’s time from attending numerous social events, making media appearances, playing both singles and doubles matches, pursuing other contracts (e.g. modeling), etc. These activities are acceptable in moderation of course but time-consuming if done in excess. However, other players may have to alter their lifestyles in some of these areas in order to prioritize their commitment to catch up to Justine’s level of dedication and razor sharp focus. Justine is also a polite and well-mannered role model with no strong history of doing drugs, shouting foul comments during matches, or any huge scandals. This puts pressure on other players to match her level of professionalism and manners. Also, because the quality of game will improve in women’s tennis, I also expect TV ratings to increase for WTA tournaments and as a result, new sponsorships and endorsement deals to spring forth whether involving Justine or other top WTA players. Therefore, there will be some changes in activities, lifestyles, and mental qualities from Justine’s opponents.

    3. More inspiration: Justine is a truly inspiring figure that will motivate others to do their utmost best. Other players, for example whether inside the top 20 or outside the top 100, may be driven to raise their performance level after being inspired by Justine’s sensational comeback. Another possible outcome is encouraging other younger female players to turn pro. These activities will again dramatically change the WTA rankings. One last possibility is for Justine to inspire others to come out of retirement (e.g. Martina Hingis) and return to the professional tour or the special events where retired champions play and make special appearances. Some players may even try to emulate Justine’s playing style, which encompasses strengths in the areas of: lightning speed footwork, rich variety and all-around game, phenomenal mental toughness, a ripping forehand, and a blazing one-handed backhand. There is of course no limit to how many lives Justine’s inspiration will touch.

    Justine Henin has fire in the belly, which currently rages and blazes inside. Whether or not she will be the dominant player in 2010 depends on her calibre relative to the other players and also destiny. However, her quest for more glory will certainly fuel her to reach astounding heights of accomplishment. Justine Henin’s comeback to tennis will also poise her to leave a powerful and profound impact on women’s tennis by raising their level of game and also firing the players’ spirit and passion that burn inside.


    Women pros no longer retire. They go on hiatus. The WTA resembles the WBA (World Boxing Association) where boxers retire, then unretire as frequently as you change your socks. Recently Martina Hingis, Lindsay Davenport, Kim Clijsters and Kimiko Date Krumm have come out of retirement. Anna Kournikova is considering it.
    (You can’t have too many attractive blond Russians in the game.)

    The newest comeback kid is Justine Henin. We can expect the following:

    *Fans and aspiring juniors will have a hero they can look up to without having to look up at.

    *The Law of Conservation of One-handed Backhands will be followed. Amelie Mauresmo departs;
    Justine Henin arrives. Science is beautiful. So is the one-hander.

    *Wilson & adidas executives and shareholders will wear smiles.

    *She will again inadvertently provide adidas with a slogan, replacing “Impossible is Nothing.”

    *Tournament directors will delight in putting Justine in their promotional ads.

    *Photographers will love zooming in on her dark eyes intently focusing on the ball she’s about to strike.

    *Inquiring minds will wonder, Why does she wear a Rolex watch during matches? a) is paid a sum larger than your salary. b) doesn’t want to miss her 2:00 manicure appointment. c) likes accessorizing with shiny jewelry.

    *Belgium will become a Federation Cup contender. But only if its French star and Flemish star deign to play together. And if its rising star stops playing Where in the World is Yanina Wickmayer?

    *Controversy on tour will increase. (She held up her hand, right? Why did she quit in a major final? Are those injury timeouts legit? Who implied her strength was not achieved naturally?)

    *Global warming will increase from the heat generated by her intensity while playing in cities throughout the world.

    *Press conferences and interviews will see a 1000% increase in the expression “for sure.” (“For sure, she is a good player. It will be a tough match, for sure. For sure,I will have to play my best.”)

    *To avoid pre-match interviews Justine will occasionally parachute onto the court.

    *With a new perspective gained from her sabbatical Justine will have fun and enjoy it more.

  35. Good luck to everybody who participated, may the best win. Unfortunately I am very busy at the moment therefore I couldn’t join. But anyway, good luck to everyone once again. 🙂

  36. yeah, good luck to all of those who joined. I am a great fan of Justine and i would have like to turn-in my entry also. Lucky for those who join, one competition less… just joking. Congratulations in advance to the winner! 🙂

    This competition is great by the way.

    Allez Justine! On with 2010…

  37. How will the comeback of Justine Henin change/affect the women’s tennis scene in 2010?

    Tuesday 22 September 2009 was just another ordinary day for planet earth, but inside a very special individual, a “flame had lit up once again” and that inferno ignited perhaps a new revolutionary era for something called Women’s tennis. The international tennis community fingers cracked, keyboards suffered, blog traffic hit its exponential peak and some women who did serve, became very, very distressed. Emotions running high, nerves tested, sweating palms, ‘is the world ready for the return of Justine Henin?’

    The reaction was common; the Queen will prevail and restore order and glory, like spectrum of colours penetrating the deep, dark and murky waters of the game. But what do the facts and statistics say? Has anything changed within the 16 months off the court, how has the equilibrium of power, force and dominance shifted? In assessing the possible changes and effects of Justine Henin’s comeback, we must consider both the state of the game then and now, threat from possible new competition, strategy and tactics and of course Justine: her passionate fire burning intensely for that Wimbledon trophy, history of returns, her weapons and presence and those remarkable, promising exhibitions. Oh and of course, we’ll try to decipher the subliminal messages in her recent interviews to truly assess where she will stand in the 2010 arena.

    What was the pre-retirement Justine like?

    Despite personal affairs delaying her 2007 season, she succeeded in two hardcourt tournaments in the Middle East, the Dubai Duty Free Women’s Open (for the fourth time in five years) and recorded a debut win at Qatar Total Open title in Doha, also regaining her World No.1 ranking. Other victories included the J&S Cup in Warsaw, Rogers Cup, Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Zurich Open. She dominated at Roland Garros, as the victorious two-time defending champion and top seed, prevailing against Serena Williams, Jankovic and Ivanovic to claim her third consecutive title without dropping a set. She also succeeded at the US Open, beating both the Willams sisters and Kuznetsova to conquer the title and finally at the WTA Tour championships, where she defeated Sharapova in the longest final in the tournament’s history.

    Henin was indisputably at the pinnacle of the game, the quintessential embodiment of excellence, sportsmanship and class, the first player to claim at least 10 tour titles in a year, (since Hingis in 97) and ended the year ranked World No.1 for the third time since 03 and 06.

    In 2008, she started the year as the World no.1 and on the 14th January had reigned at the top for 100th career week, on the 10th March was the 7th player to be ranked 1st for 12 consecutive months. Henin conquered Kuznetsova in the finals of the Sydney international, claimed her 32nd consecutive match in the fourth round, though was remarkably humiliated by Sharapova in a 6-4, 6-0 loss, as mental cracks were starting to show in her game. Though she won in Antwerp, two weeks later lost for the first time to Francesca Schiavone in Barclays Dubai championship, with a string of losses to Serena Williams, and Dinara Safina in Miami and Berlin respectively. This was the final straw, the ‘end’, as Justine declared her retirement on the 14th May 2008, citing fatigue, a withered passion and lack of drive. She was still ranked the best in the world.

    It is evident that between 2007 to early 2008, she was still dominating with her mental stability, shot diversity and excellence and amazing footwork/speed earning her distinction.

    Will the same Justine return?

    The Justine that retired was withered, she claimed herself, ‘I was exhausted – mentally, physically and emotionally.’ “I didn’t want to be on the court any more, the tennis itself wasn’t a problem. The problem was motivation. I just felt: ‘Please don’t talk to me about the French Open or Wimbledon’. To me it wasn’t important any more. I felt it was the time to go away”.

    So if we were to take her words for the truth, we can confidently deduce that the same Justine that is Justine pre-fatigued will return. After all, she suffered no career ending injuries or significant drop in form; she simply succumbed to a mental lapse in focus and drive. And now? She’s perfectly reinvigorated and more prepared than ever’ “I think I’m physically as well prepared today as I was in the past, but we’re trying to be smarter in our work.” “I need to relax and take some oxygen when I can,” she said. “That’s what I couldn’t do in the past.

    But it’s been a year and a half; will the current WTA circuit be a challenge to Justine?

    After her retirement, a gargantuan, mega-watt powered debate ensued, with the Justine fans succeeding in persuading the world, that it was a much necessitated return for the WTA, whose fate and credibility had been tarnished by a destructive tornado of controversies, turmoil and unrest as it plunged into depression of new talent, quality and consistency. It was plagued by a crippling disease transmitted by these pass the parcel snatchers of the No.1 plaque, featuring the ‘Dina dominance at sunrise Dina demise by midnight’ tragedy, fluctuations from troughs to recessions by the Anas and Jelenas and selective, ‘pick and peak’ performances of the powerful Williams. Ivanovic after winning the French Open, was plagued by a self-destructiveness that saw her lose the World No.1 title and drop to World No.22, whilst the highly inconsistent play of Jankovic and a mentally fragile Safina at the most crucial moments in Grand slams saw them enter the history books as former ‘Slamless World No.1’. The Williams sisters dominated here and there and did not rise to the position of the Imperial reign occupied by Justine, only succeeding on the hard and grass courts of Grand slams, leaving the clay courts and smaller tournaments for others to dabble at.

    Is there a future for Women’s tennis? We bit our nails nervously praying for the remedy hopefully from the younger generations, was it going to be the committed ‘Caro’, aka, extremely consistent Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark who although topped the list most matches played in 2009, had only rose on one big occasion, the USOPEN 2008. Pehaps it was going to be the vivacious ‘Vika’ Victoria Azarenka, who was powerful and domineering, though never after the quarterfinals of a Grand slam?

    It was undeniable; the WTA was a microcosmic anarchy, instigated by the abandonment of its reigning Queen and the collapse of the Golden Ages.

    The WTA circuit will not be a considerable challenge, the lack of any distinctive new talent, strategic or tactical ‘weapons’ or exclusive dominance by any single player, will only ease her path towards her pursuit back to the top. Her main rivals then, including Serena Williams style has not changed or improved significantly and has been in the past challenged and defeated by Justine, most notably at the French Open and in 2007 every Grand Slam except the Australian Open. Dinara Safina, the last woman to beat Justine has suffered from an injury and her form has been exceptionally inconsistent, with losses earlier to a world no 127 and a premature third round defeat to World no.61 as the top seed at the US Open. Ana Ivanovic’s slump in form and 0-5 head to head record and Jelena Jankovic’s 0-9 head to head record will also not pose a threat to her victorious comeback. But what about Sharapova, Justine’s slayer at the 08 Australian Open? Sadly for her and promising for Henin, Sharapova’s present form has been marred by a critical shoulder injury and inconsistent play, where she lost with historic 21 double faults to the relatively unknown Oudin in the early rounds of the US open this year.

    So has there been any real, substantial evidence for a victorious return of the ‘Old Henin’?

    I will recycle this quote, Justine has declared in a recent interview, ‘I think I’m physically as well prepared today as I was in the past, but we’re trying to be smarter in our work.’ And so far this has been evident; Henin made her first public appearance on a court since May 2008 at an exhibition tournament in Charleroi and after comfortably beating Kirsten Flipkens – she went on to beat the world No 12 Flavia Pennetta in a straight sets style 6-4, 6-4. But Henin sought to further reiterate her victorious comeback as she conquered World No.20 Nadia Petrova in a 7-6, 6-2 winner in Cairo.

    A history of her returns, most notably during 2005, after more than six months away from competition also shows her ‘All or Nothing’ spirit with victories over top ranked Lindsay Davenport, Sharapova, Elena Dementieva, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Petrova and notable conquests at Charleston and the French Open.

    This time the catalyst for her return is the burning fire to win Wimbledon, “I couldn’t believe that this thing inside my heart that I thought was dead was coming back — this thought that I could walk on the court again.” But Wimbledon is the one I never won and it’s going to be my challenge now and I’ll never give up.”

    Judging by the history of her ‘All or Nothing’ return, spirit, and recent success, it seems a victorious ‘second career’ is inevitable.

    And how will her successful ‘second career’ change/affect the women’s tennis scene in 2010?

    Answer: Now that we’ve established that it is most likely a victorious return, it is logical to expect everything for the game before she left, including a reinvigorated competition field and resurrection of new rivalries, strategic and tactical diversity and excellence that is still exclusive to Justine, increased psychological pressure on the current players which may result in a change to the base rallies and shots, and hopefully the restoration of the Imperial reign and supreme leadership by the ‘Female Federer’ of the WTA.

    See it this way, the circuit so far has been monochrome, but with Justine’s return, it will be ignited with a spectrum of colours that epitomises the reinvigorated passion and inspiration from the players who are dedicated to remaining part of the 2010 competition. As previously established, the circuit’s inconsistency and instability has seen a lack of clear rivalries or contention, with only a string of inconsistent performances, the survival of the fittest after dull incessant groundstroke and lack of exclusive champion trademark weapons in action. A lack of offensive, outstanding play characterised the period of her absence. Nevertheless, her strategic and tactical contribution to the 2010 scene will be prominent. Henin’s skilful footwork and rapid speed enables her to easily manoeuvre around the court to execute her extremely powerful and accurate one hand backhand, (heralded by McEnroe as the best in the ‘women’s or men’s game’) which will inevitably challenge the present monotonous rallies; the backhand which could be hit ‘flat’, with heavy topspin, slice underspin will most importantly shock and break the rally via the most skilful surprise dropshots. A complete and extremely versatile game features a remarkable 122 mph serve, superior footwork, balance and court coverage, especially clay, where as a three time consecutive FO Champion, she is unparalleled in transitions from defensive to offensive play and has the serve and volley tactic at her disposal. A signature or trademark lethal shot lacking on the tour but exclusive to Justine is the forehand which is used to dictate and conclude a match, Henin’s ‘heavy winners’ frequently featured forehand groundstroke winners. In each of her last three matches at the US Open in 2007, Henin hit substantially more winners than each of her opponents: quarterfinal versus Serena Williams, 30–17; semifinal versus Venus Williams 29–26; final versus Svetlana Kuznetsova, 25–11. This demonstrates the inevitable supremacy of her weapons to the present and upcoming 2010 year. Tactically and strategically, the game is forced to change as the players try to challenge such diverse and versatile superior quality play. They will to an extent, re-configure their mental concentration and endurance, more frequently practise and enhance their skills, and commit to more arduous training sessions to remain in competition.

    The competition will be reinvigorated and old rivalries resurrected, the once defeated possibility of an all Belgian, clash of the champions, Clijsters vs Henin now a reality, with the contention with the Williams sisters renewed. The young, ‘up and comers’ will have a chance to exhibit their generation of new skills against Justine, most notably new interesting playoffs between Wozniacki and Azarenka who have never encountered Henin. Justine’s presence and psychological impact is also another crucial, a source of stress, discomfort and mental insecurity for some notable tennis players, as it induces pressure for new players and trigger old memories for the ‘veterans’. For instance, to Jankovic, whose embarrassing 0-9 h2h record against her still burns, Ivanovic’s 4-0, Safina’s 5-1and even the Williamses, who were primary and prominent rivals throughout their entire careers. Result? Interest, excitement and breathtaking displays for fans, increased ticket sales, media publicity and international women’s tennis fans at the least. In addition, the present field and contention between various top twenty players will reduce, as the ‘big names’ will dominate like before and the players who primarily acquire their rankings by quantity and not quality play will suffer in rankings. Thus the credibility of the ranking system should be restored with this increasingly intensely competitive narrowed field between old champions and new talents.

    But surely there must be changes if she truly is realistic in succeeding! Indeed, Justine claims that she wants to be even more aggressive on the court in order to shorten points and conserve energy. “Physically, the only way I can handle another three or four years – or however long I stay on the tour – will be by going forward.”

    Now for the bit, that we have all been praying for: the restoration of the Imperial reign and supreme leadership by the ‘Female Federer’ of the WTA. As the stats, facts evidence from Justine’s fantastic form pre-retirement, the present anarchical state of women’s tennis, her comeback history and recent success suggest, it is most likely and logical that Justine’s domination at the pinnacle of the game, will prevail once more. However this exists on the final condition that she is able to maintain and enhance the form and weapons, including the unparalleled single-handed backhand, fatal forehand groundstrokes and swift footwork, court coverage, a killer 122mph serve and almighty presence that saw her titles being heralded by the Great Billie Jean King as ‘pound for pound, Henin is the best tennis player of her generation’, win 41 titles in total and now hopefully many more to come.

    She has everything, the anarchical universe is waiting for its rightful queen, and so far the wind is blowing in an extremely promising direction. As she recently claimed, herself, “Everything is always possible. I did a campaign for adidas a few years ago, ‘impossible is nothing’, and I really think it is the story of my life. But who knows? It depends on a lot of things. What I want to achieve is the best I will be able to give; I want to be able to express it. And then the rest, we’ll see”

    We’ll see indeed, but in the meantime we’re all anticipating a revolutionary and much necessitated victorious return that will surely turn the WTA universe 2010 upside down, this time for good.

  38. Hi Marija and thank you for the opportunity…

    First of all I have to say that I am a big fan of Justine!!! I admire her a lot, she is one of these women who was born to do great things in life. She definitely has an incomparable gift and I am sure she is this world to be one of the best players in this wonderful sport. She is a different player. She is like anyone on court. Her agility and her technique are two of these enviable qualities that took her to the number one spot for a long time. However, she is a good loser, a quality that only belong to the best players. Even though she is one of the best players in tennis history she really know when is time to admit that her rival had been better than her.

    Now, I think Justine comeback is going to arrive with a lot of surprises. I am sure she is going to refresh female tennis with her intelligent game, her imcomparable agility in her movements and her concentration in every single match in 2010. She is going to help to change the current situation in WTA: the control of the rusian players and powerful William sisters. She really has tennis to do that. She will bring more excitement to each tournament due to her unique fighter spirit.

    Several months ago when Justine did the anouncement of her retirement, she left me surprised, but afeter had been thinking I really understood her. She was living a difficult situation in her life after got divorced. She is a human being and she just needed to concentrate in other things. Currently, we can not be more expectant of her comeback, specially after the unvelievable comeback of Kim Clisjters that make us think about the exploits that Justine will do and how better can be the Justin comeback.

    It is not a secret that in female tennis is really hard to find a consistent player, but Justine is one of these players who play tennis with passion and who has the consistent required to be a leader in WTA circuit, a circuit that have not had a real leader since she left the competition. This is a real proof that female tennis and us really need her playing again. I think 2009 was not a great year for the competition and WTA, specially because of the absence of players like Justine. Furthermore the absence of Maria Sharapova, the flimsy Ana Ivanovic during the whole year, the instability of Dinara Safina who was not capable to win a Grand Slam being the “best female player” in the circuit almost during the whole year, the rude attitude of Serena Williams on court as we had never seen and a new young star Yanina Wickmayer in legal truobles. Besides, the big amount of injuries didnt let the tournaments be more interestings specially at the end of the year. These are just some of the principal events that according to me do not let 2009 be a memorable year for female tennis. However, the upcoming 2010 promise to a be an unfogettable year for female tennis regardind the comeback of this dear player who gave us memorable moments during her whole career and who will bring old rivalities to the tour and a speaciall gift to us our fans who were waiting for her during these months.

    Finally, I would like to say that I felt very proud of Justine when I watched her beating the best ones before her retirewment. For that reason I just can not wait for watching her again using her backhand and her incomparable technique on court. Justine is for me the only player who had been capable to broke the tennis patters and who had been so strong to beat any obstacle in her life. When any person wants to practice an sport starts to hear what are the physical and mental qualities requires to be a succesful player. Tennis is not the exception. Everyone tell you that you must be tall to have a strong service and to have a better game in general. But Justine is a strong woman who did not pay attention to these steretypes and despite of her 5’53/4”(1.67 m) she demostrated us with her perfect game that our dreams can came true if we go for it with determination, passion, faith, confidence and hard working.

    I really want to see her on courts again as an example of succes, as an icon, as a great human being and the most important as a model to be followed for little girls who are discriminated against because of the stereotypes that prevent these young players follow their dreams and be succesfull in what they really want.Do not give up!!!

    Thank you Justine for letting us have you as an inspiration in our lives!!!

  39. I think that she didnt affect the circuit because she cant have the same aggresive mentality to win the great championship, also she can enter in top 5 but not recover top 1


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