All outfits Elena Dementieva wore in 2009


We’re continuing to fulfill readers’ wishes, and as Marine kindly asked, we have compiled an overview of Elena Dementieva’s 2009 tennis outfits.

I have to say I’m not a fan of the Yonex-clad Dementieva’s on-court style. She could definitely look much better.

Although the outfits are not ugly, they all look too much alike. For example, compare the dress the Russian wore in Stanford, Cincinnati, Toronto and New York, with the one she sported in Tokyo and Beijing. There hardly is any difference.

In addition, Dementieva wears the same outfit at too many tournaments. The red dress she opened the season with in the beginning of January was present up until Charleston in mid April. She wore it at eight tournaments.

What do you think of Dementieva and her Yonex outfits? Do you like how her 2009 season looked fashion-wise?

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  1. i dont think its her fault that she wears the same outfits all the time… i think its bcoz Yonex doesnt give her the variety. their lines are all bleak and dull i dont know why she hasnt changed brands

    and i agree i think her outfits are hideous compared to some of the Nike and Adidas outfits the others wear

  2. I actually don’t find some of these designs too bad, but they are a bit too conservative. I thought her Wimbledon dress was nice and simple, which suits her I think.

    Marija, I know that you have had requests for overviews of other player’s outfits, but I was wondering if you could please do one for JJ? Her oncourt fashion this year was….interesting 🙂

  3. My favorite is the Fed Cup one and the US Open-but I agree they do look very similar. But then again, I don’t think of Yonex as being at the forefront of women’s tennis fashion. Plus I don’t think Elena cares too much about it, as long as she looks nice and professional. But I wish in 2010 they’d give hte girl better outfits, more variety, more colors and play to her figure more.

    You know another person who’s got interesting outfits? Bethanie Mattek-Sands. If you have pictures of her, you should put her up. Remember the cheetah print?

  4. I agree. Dementieva is a beautiful woman with a very good body. She could look so much better than she does in those boring and cheap looking YONEX outfits.

    However, I thought that this year’s Wimbledon and Season Ending Championships dresses were very nice.

    In my opinion, Dementieva was the best dressed player at Wimbledon.

  5. Sonja, it’s because of Yonex, it’s not that Elena doesn’t want to change dresses. I would also like her to change her clothing sponsor.

    Bróna, I don’t find the designs ugly, but they look too bleak compared to what other top players are wearing. Ok, I will add JJ. 😉

    Lilly, Elena doesn’t look bad in Yonex, but she’s so pretty and I think it’s a pity Yonex doesn’t let her show her full potential. Oh I love Bethanie haha. 🙂 I’m afraid of reviewing her style, there’s too much material. 😛 I’ll see what I can do.

    Dedric, I see we all think Elena should refresh her style. As for the Wimbledon dress, it’s ok, but I’ve seen better.

  6. I think she should change her outfits more cuz it´s boring to watch on the same outfits. it is like with Anci this year she had like 5 outfits. but they both look great so 🙂

  7. i dont have any problem with her outfits, they all seem nice to me, especially the ones for fed cup and wimbledon… could be better, but this is still ok 🙂

  8. Bethanie would be a total laugh. But I’m not sure if she’s participated in major tournaments, we’d probably only get to see 2-3 this year. But over the years she’s had some interesting outfits lol.

    I realized Elena’s outfit sponsor situation is similar to that of Nikolay Davydenko. They both are top-ranked players, yet don’t have that famous of sponsors. Pity, because Elena is really gorgeous. I bet she could pull off some of Maria’s outfits for 2010 that I didn’t like.

  9. that´s true lilly I heard Nik had to buy balls for his own sometimes. it is stupid that almost every junior player has a sponsor like adidas or nike and the hardworkin´ top players have really bad sponsorships :/

  10. Well I guess they top junior players have nike or adidas because the companies hope the players will make it big in the future-like Maria, Justine, etc. and be able to advertise their clothing. It just sucks that the really good older players on the tour don’t have the top brands. I hear Nikolay only got a real clothing sponsor like in 2007 or something and I think it was Prince. And Casey Dellacqua got nike I think just for getting to 4th round of AO (and she hasn’t been as successful since, but Nikolay’s been consistent-he won Shanghai!). I know this is men’s tennis, but just thought it was interesting to note.

  11. Lilly, I checked it and Bethanie participated in 17 tournaments in 2009, but she was losing very early, so it would be a challenge to find all the photos. Plus, I agree, it would be much better to do an overview of her career outfits, and not just one year, but that would be a comprehensive task. However, I think it would be worth it, definitely. 🙂 I just don’t know whether I will do it right now, or some time later. I’ll see.

  12. Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ve seen plenty of her outfits, and I thought it would be a laugh for other people as well. They asked to see Jelena’s because hers were “interesting” this year, and I thought I’d mention that Bethanie’s are always “interesting” lol. Unless other people want to see it…

  13. Thank you very much, Marija. I actually like Elena’s outfits, as they look like sports outfits and not day dresses as the models of Nike are turning into. The only thing about them is that they are too short sometimes. But i think they suit her well, Elena doesnt come across as an exhibitionist…

  14. i think all of her outfits are plain, but they are also nice and very classy. my favourite is the fed cup, and my least favourite is us open. i find it funny that my favourite is the fed cup, when the russian tennis federation would have made this one. i hope she leaves yonex, i hope she didnt sign a life contract like serena did with nike

    would it be possible to feature jj or venus? i think they’re the most interesting because they have their own lines

  15. Marine, I see what you mean, that’s true, not everyone should look like a model. Still, I think that adidas Competition line, worn by Safina, is classic, but much better than Yonex.

    Ama, Venus and JJ will be featured for sure. Stay tuned! 🙂

    Lilly, I think your idea with Bethanie’s outfits is wonderful, and I should sure do an overview, but I will probably do it later.

  16. Marija, I have an idea: since we are almost at the close of this decade, you should do a retrospective of best and worsts fashions of the decade. I know that that would be very tedious, but, I think it would be a great way to look back at how tennis fashion has evolved over a decade. Just a thought!

    Oh, um, I think Elena is more concerned with holding up a slam trophy than she is about a best dressed title, seriously. She’s being loyal to the brand and I don’t think it’s that serious for her to change. At least we have something different to look at from all top players. Not everyone is obsessed with fashion as everyone else seems to be these days. She looks appropriate, I think. My favs were Wimbledon and Doha’s.

  17. Ella, that would be a great retrospective, but I don’t know if I will be able to do a thorough enough one. It’s a huge task to go through all the on-court fashions in one decade and choose the best and the worst ones. As for Elena, I respect her style, I just think she could look much better, but her outfits are definitely appropriate and ok. After all, she’s unique.

  18. Well, I think it’s the same case as Kim or Sveta and Fila. Not much imagination there…it’s even worse than Yonex!

  19. Marine, I actually like Fila better. Plus, I can’t imagine Kim and Svetlana in anything else. I think Fila is perfect for them.

  20. Fila? Arghh, that is in my eyes one big fashion faux-pas. But then again, they look like sportswomen not tennis models so in that I can see the merit of it. I think Nike should “tune-down” Maria’s dresses, if she did not have the racket and trainers one would think she is in town shopping or something.


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