Caroline Wozniacki’s looks in 2009: adidas Adilibria and Stella McCartney

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Thanks to Lilly who asked me to feature Caroline Wozniacki, the 19-year-old Dane is making her debut in our well-known retrospections of players’ outfits.

Wozniacki’s style is especially interesting for reviewing because this year, at the time of the US Open, she made a switch from adidas Adilibria line to adidas by Stella McCartney.

I’m a huge fan of Stella’s designs and Caroline is very pretty, but she is yet to impress me in her new sportswear. From the little we’ve seen so far, Stella’s dresses just don’t feel right on Wozniacki, for some reason. However, I’m sure the future will bring a lot of good things.

What’s your favorite Wozniacki’s on-court look in 2009? Do you like her in Stella McCartney?

It may be somewhat of a surprise, but my absolute favorite Wozniacki’s outfit is the Wimbledon one. It’s so sporty and simple, and it makes Wozniacki look powerful.

Have you noticed, Wozniacki sported very few outfits during the 2009 season, and she played a lot of tournaments? (photos: Jean & Nathalie, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, Women Who Serve, Not enough megapixels, jc_nyc)


  1. Yeah. Just as I predicted (though it was from memory)-somewhat bland. Caroline’s such a pretty girl and I like Stella McCartney’s line, but the colors are just boring. I also noticed that Caroline wears the same outfit for a lot of events, and unlike Dementieva, Adidas should have a ton of choices for her. I know she’s sticking to Stella, but I want to see her in Ana’s 2010 outfit. My favorites are the Wimbledon (she looks so professional!) and AO one (the colors are a bit weird, but I like the green on her. I also love blue on her but the RG top was a weird design for a tennis top. Thanks for putting this up!!

  2. Now thinking about it, you’re right about them looking weird on her. They looked better on Maria Kirilenko, but she’s just not successful enough-but I loved it on her. It may just be Caroline’s body type- Maria has longer legs, can probably carry the designs better. Just my two cents.

  3. wow! thank you marija, i’ve commented like twice, i dont;’ know why i dont do it everyday! i really like the roland garros outfit. the blue is sooo pretty! i dont really like the wimbledon outfit, its very manly. i agree though, stella maccartney’s outfits havent impressed me, however this is my least favourite outfit that shes created, so maybe there is a chance she’ll look amazing next season 😀

  4. I have never been a big fan of Adidas. I think the outfits for the men and women look too much like uniforms. Also, I have never been a big fan of the Stella McCartney line. But I agree, Kirilenko looked much better in the line than Wozniacki. That being said, Adidas does well with Ivanovic.

  5. Lilly, I don’t mind Stella’s colors, and although I knew no one would wear Stella’s dresses quite like Kirilenko, I thought they would look good enough on Wozniacki, which hasn’t happened yet. But as I said, there is time, Wozniacki is still new with the brand.

    Ama, I also believe Wozniacki will look awesome in Stella at some point, she’s just warming up.

    Dedric, what’s your favorite brand then? Nike?

  6. thank you marija for making this overview 😀 I like caroline 🙂 she is great player and she looks great in all of her outfits without doubt:) kirilenko is nice and looked pretty in stella but caro is more natural and looks like many other girls 🙂 and that makes her so special 🙂

  7. I don’t think that the Stella designs suit her either. They looked far better on Kirilenko, but I think if they were going to choose someone else to represent the brand, I think that Ana Ivanovic would have been a better choice than Wozniacki. The outfit I liked the best was the Roland Garros outfit, the only thing that bothered me was that she wore at far too many tournaments. I liked the colours of the AO one aswell, I think that looked really nice on her and that style suited her really well. I just didn’t like the Wimbledon outfit. I thought too many players were wearing it and that made me see too much of it. I’m still not convinced that I’m going to like any of the upcoming Stella designs on her either….

  8. Please can you put JELENA JANKOVIC pictures of her dresses for 2009 year.I think that she is one of the best womens dressed players and she deserves that we can see her pictures.PLEASE CAN YOU DO THAT FOR US,JJ FANS?PLEASE!!!We LIKE her so much and i think that all world should see her beatiful creations.Thank you for all interesting news that you write about womens tennis AND PLEASE DO THIS FOR US JJ FANS!!!thankS

  9. ps; i’m not being a bitch. anyway, that photoshoot was taken two yesrs ago, if you go on ana ivanovic’s website, that main photo of her, is apart of that photoshoot. alot of tennis players were featured. I forget why or what it was called though D:

  10. I said this many, many, times before about the Stella McCurse outfits, but just to summarize:

    Stella McCurse outfits= Ugly

    Some of the outfits have the color of unpleasant digestive gas. 😛

  11. I like Roland Garros outfit the most, because blue just looks so good on her,with her blond hair and eyes… I liked the McCartney dresses, just it is still a little bit odd to see them on her because she is completely different type of girl than Kirilenko who looks like a model.But looks don’t matter on court. Caroline is pretty, natural, funny and knows how to hit the ball,and is a great fighter as we’ve see recently, and it’s understandable why Adidas chose her- people like her.And I like her too, from the first time I saw her playing, I think it was Wimbledon 2008 against Jankovic. Ana wouldn’t be the right choice for Stella: she is just too pretty to be wearing that kind of things, she doesn’t need that to look gorgeous, she always is. She looks perfectly in her simple and cute dresses.

  12. Zexy from Serbia, JJ will be featured for sure. And thank you for visiting my blog!

    Ama, I convinced Zuleika to come back, don’t remind her. 🙂

    Zuleika, now I see the pic. I remember it was in Dubai, Lorenzo Agius was the photographer. Here’s the link to all the photos: [link expired]

    Carlos, I can’t comment on that. 😛 I don’t agree.

  13. well, caroline is fat and ugly. slamless and no longer no.1 such a brat. Kirilenko looks good on stelle than huge forehead woznikiki


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