Eurosport reveals Venus Williams’ extraterrestrial talents


Part-time fashion designer Venus Williams is so unbelievably productive that she can win tennis matches while designing her EleVen outfits, right there, on the court. I’m impressed!

From Eurosport:

…the seven-times Grand Slam winner later clarified on her Twitter page that she was in fact wearing a flesh-coloured top and shorts that she designed herself during her fourth-round clash with Francesca Schiavone.

I wonder what Venus will design during her forthcoming quarterfinal against Li Na. 🙂


  1. She was trying to clarify the controversy that looked like she was not wearing any shorts under the dress… because of the color of the shorts, it looks like she’s not wearing anything at all.
    So she was clearing that up, not saying that she designed it right there ..

  2. Michael, the thing here is the sloppy construction of the sentence, of course she didn’t design it during the match, I was joking.

  3. That design is really CONFUSING :-). For a moment I almost believed she decided to flash it. I think she could have chosen a shade which would not make her look like naked out there. Or maybe it’s shock tactics to make her brand stand out a bit. Who knows…sex sells has been applied almost everywhere these days.

  4. I didn’t notice the daring component of the design that everyone is talking about, maybe because I stopped looking at the dress the moment I saw the color. 🙂

  5. With or without shorts, this dress is one of the worst at this year’s AO. I think Venus needs to change the color of the dresses she wears and design something more interesting in a color that is not yellow or pink. I’m actually bored of her outfits she wears in the last 2yrs. Btw I really like Serena’s dress, except the color that reminds me a bit of s***.:S:)

  6. Yes, actually I’ve seen it about a month ago.Well, I’ve seen every player’s outfit retrospection you’ve made(even though I watch tennis on TV and I quite remember their outfits)and I must say that Venus definately wore the worst outfits last year.Also I don’t like Ivanovic’s dresses, she needs a refresh in her on-court closet. Without doubt I conclude that Sharapova is the best dressed tennis player.

  7. Marija B, wow, that’s cool that you’ve seen all my retrospections. I like Ivanovic’s outfits actually, and based on the last pieces we could see, she’s dressed better than Sharapova right now. That’s my opinion, of course.

  8. Well Marija, I don’t like Sharapova’s AO dress too and I have to admit that Ivanovic’s dress was better(besides I’m Sharapova’s fan), just it was a little bit shorter that it should be(by my opinion:D). But looking overall, Maria is always more stylish 🙂

  9. Marija B, true, Maria is more stylish than Ana, especially off court. I didn’t mind the length of Ana’s dress.


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