Venus Williams and her EleVen line throughout 2009 season


Answering the wish of our readers Marcel and Ama, we are featuring the retrospection of all the dresses Venus Williams wore during the 2009 tennis season.

The seven-time Grand Slam champion is promoting her own clothing line called EleVen.

I see that many people like Venus’ designs, but I’m not a huge fan. I like just some of the dresses, and I can always picture her wearing something much better. However, I think it’s really nice that this year she was wearing exclusively dresses.

Of the designs she sported on tennis courts during 2009 I like the yellow dress from the Australian Open and the Wimbledon one (especially the back). The other ones are fine, but the US Open dress is a total miss in my opinion, especially having in mind it was made for a great tournament such as a Grand Slam.

And notice this: the white and yellow dress from Dubai and Acapulco is actually last year’s US Open dress. Oops. Talking about 2008, here you can remind yourselves of Venus’ 2008 EleVen fashions.

What do you think of EleVen? Would you prefer Venus in some other brand? Which 2009 Eleven dresses do you like, and which ones you don’t?

Addition: See what other top WTA players were wearing in tournaments. (photos via: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, Women Who Serve, smagico, angela n.)


  1. you are not alone marija:) I don´t like them too much. just some of them like the wimby ones and rg ones.they look really like beach clothes 🙂

  2. I like her dresses from Miami – Madrid, US Open series and the Doha one. 🙂 The US Open and French Open dress are hidious imo. The rest are ok 🙂

  3. hi marija….

    maayong pasko from philippines….

    vee’s dress is simple all throught the year except what she donned during the clay season…

    honestly don’t like the ruffles thingy on her, i prefer seeing her on simple cut dresses on monochromatic colors…

    what dress i love? still the wimby dress… i lvoe the cut at the back, classic… though it kind of resembles her 2003 wimby dress…. but anyway, it’s classic…

    wish you the best in 2010 marija!!!! advnace happy new year… merry christmas in january… am i right you celebrate christmas in january????

  4. I think she sometimes doesn’t go for the right colour, the styles are OK. Also the dresses could be that inch or 2 longer as she has such long legs. SOmetimes it looks as if she wore clothes after her younger sister :-). My personal favourites are French Open and Acapulco dress.

  5. I totally agree with you. I too only like some of the dresses. It seems as if many of the EleVen outfits look very cheap like Dementieva’s YONEX outfits.

    The dresses that I really liked looked all very much the same. They are simple and yet elegant. These were the Australian Open, Dubai/Acapulco, Wimbledon, and Season Ending Championship dresses.

    I hated all of the other dresses because the patterns and or colors were ugly and or made the dresses look cheap.

    The dresses that I really hated include the Spring dresses for Miami, the French Open warm-ups, and the French Open.

    I thought the centered stripe/stripes and the angled bottom part of the US Open dress was atrocious! It looked very sloppy and tacky.

  6. Venus has nice dresses , and her EleVen is OK.
    Can you show us Jelena Jankovic outfits for 2009 year ,because I think that she is one of the best women’s dressed player.PLEASE

  7. My favourite is the Roland Garros. My least favourite is US Open. She really needs to design more, i’m sick of seeing the same dress, again and again and again

  8. I agree with your Marija, not a big fan of her outfits, but I like her Wimbledon dress, especially the back. I’m not sure if it’s the fit of the outfits or the colors, or both but I’m not just feeling Venus’ clothing line. Preferred her in Reebok haha.

  9. Pat from Philippines, sorry for the late reply, you know I was on vacation. You’re right, Serbs celebrate Christmas on January 7th.

  10. I disagree with most of these people on this site, her clothing line is nice!. Gosh its better then
    Maria Sharapova’s line thats for damn sure!.
    And dresses better then Kuznetsova, Henin,
    Clijsters especially…C’mon now they are all
    boring none of them have any nice dress it just
    looks like the regular cut out fabric sewed
    together by some place in china and given to them
    with slapped on logo’s for their sponsors.
    Damn if you all wanna clown on someone and style
    look no further then Anna Ivanovic her stuff
    looks like crap!..

  11. I personally like Venus clothing line
    Eleven I just hope it gets picked up
    by someone else soon. Because of Steve
    and Barry’s going Bankrupt. And know
    she might not be able to sale her clothes
    and not just wear it from tournament to
    tournament. Best of luck to Venus


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