Ana Ivanovic decides to skip Fed Cup tie against Slovakia

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Ana IvanovicAna Ivanovic is desperately trying to find her form and the Serbian tennis star who was always there for her Fed Cup team has decided to skip the next month’s tie against Slovakia, believing that it is the right thing to do having in mind her current bad career situation.

The Serbian Tennis Federation and the world No.58 discussed the issue and agreed that it would be best for her not to play this time.

We all know that Ana has been through some very tough experiences lately and we support her in her efforts to do everything possible to return to the top. Ana has all the time in the world, she is only 22, and she’ll be back soon,” said the President of the Federation Slobodan Zivojinovic. (photo: Twenty90seven)


  1. Good decision in my opinion. Fed Cup would have done her no good, especially if she had lost. Too much practice, media obligations being in Belgrade and can’t gain any ranking points which Ana really needs right now.

    I am hoping this means she enters another tournament between now and Stuggart such as Marbella or Barcelona. That would be nice and I would say necessary. 😉

  2. Looks like she is afraid of playing. Curtis, unfortunately Ana won´t go to smaller tournament I think, but it would be good for her to.

  3. The model wanna be does not want to represent her own country? She should, even if her stench of rotten tennis permeates new lower levels. She is just protecting her image, if she loses again in the Fed Cup she might lose more credibility and sponsorship might begin to wane. Since her slide began she has given stupid excuses, at the Olympics it was not the thumb but it was an upper respiratory ailment, Ivanovic used the same excuse again I believe it was after she lost at the U.S. Open that year. Earlier this year she came up with another lame excuse after her loss at the AO. These reeks of a desperate player blaming anything or anyone (press) for her problems. The smart fans of her know what is going on, she possibly has peaked out a la Kournikova.

  4. I think they made the right decision. I mean, the way that she was playing against Russia was…well, horrible, but it is still pretty good word for it. She couldn’t serve, she couldn’t hit a normal backhand, and she neither one of her forhands from running did get over the net.Neither one. It was just sad. It was that much emberassing. Really. She was lucky that the crowd was still cheering for her after all that bad game. Gush, she played like an amateur. So, this is the best for her. She would just fall down deeper and deeper. With this, she is left with some credibility in her compatriot’s eyes, but not very much. And it is a good thing for the team. Bojana Jovanovski will probably be playing, and hopefully she will show her talent. Even if she loses, it will be a positive experience for her. And for Ana, another loss would be…We know.

  5. Talking to you Curtis is like wrestling a pig, when a person wrestles a pig all the person gets is muddied and the pig likes it. From now on I’m ignoring you.

  6. she should hang in there and one day when she turns 25yrs her serve will click.She is not handling fame well,she argues with the umpire everytime these days.Fame has a price tag attached Ana

  7. Well, at her match at the Aussie open she had a reason to argue as she lost points thanks to some really terrible calls. The replay also showed that the ball was in but I guess she had run out of challenges.

  8. mg, I agree, she has too much trouble with her game at the moment to go represent her country. All eyes would be on her and she doesn’t cope with pressure well at all, at the moment. I think it was a fair decision not to play, this way she gives an opportunity to someone else to show off their talent.


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