Elena Dementieva’s 2010 Yonex outfits for Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open


Elena Dementieva Roland Garros 2010 dresses

A lot of you like to know what our favorite players will be wearing at majors ahead of us, and here’s what a poster over at Tennis Forum says will be Elena Dementieva‘s dresses for the tournaments to come: the first image in this post is showing the Russian’s dresses planned for Roland Garros 2010, the white one is for Wimbledon, and the third image is displaying two dresses intended for the US Open.

Elena Dementieva Wimbledon 2010 outfit

I find Dementieva’s on-court style predominantly boring and conservative, even though none of her dresses can be considered ugly, but these new ones seem much more fresh and modern. Alright, the Wimbledon dress is still that same old Yonex style, but the dresses intended for Roland Garros and the US Open seem to bring a touch of new in Dementieva’s look.

Elena Dementieva US Open 2010 dresses

Compare these new pieces to all the dresses Dementieva wore last year, and tell me if you share my opinion that we’re having an improvement here.


  1. i like them. wimbledon cant really see, but the red us open and blue french open look great!

    over 4 different outfits for dementieva – in one year!? UNBELIEVABLE! HAHA

  2. nice, but still soooooo simple. nothing new, but it will suit to Elena. I can´t imagine her in something different than yonex.
    jacob, hahaha 😀

  3. Finally, some new colours for Elena! The blue one for Roland Garros will be lovely against the clay, and I think the black dresses are lovely too. The style will suit Elena well. It would be good to see Yonex do something more with the Wimbledon outfits, as they do tend to look the same year after year. Any improvements with Yonex are good though.

  4. Jacob, I think it is exactly the same.

    LuLinQa, nothing new in general, but I think it’s an improvement for Yonex.

    Bróna, I also like how blue matches red clay, but strangely, red dresses also look nice against the clay (the best example is Ivanovic’s French Open 2008 dress).

  5. Obviously, it is, but if I have to decide between buying Nike or adidas and yonex, for sure, I won´t buy yonex. I think they should make something more attractive for people 😉

  6. LuLinQa, for sure. I would most probably choose adidas – it’s high quality but still more simple than Nike for every day.

  7. if i were a girl i’d chosen eleven or nike and have wilson racquets. and since i’m a boy, if i were pro i’d chose nike and wilson 🙂

  8. but i agree with you marija – Adidas are always simple and classy, never have something ugly. where as nike have alot of innovative designs, however some of them are plain ugly… like azarenkas clothing this year.

  9. Marija, I really like adidas skorts. They are simple so I can match them with any top I have. no dissapointments from adidas so far.
    jacob, I think vika has a cute pink outfit at the begginig of the season but I can´t stand this light green or what it is. The pink one, which she is supposed to wear on RG, is way nicer.
    If I were pro, I would chose Masha´s Nike line, but for shoes obviously adidas. they are sooo comfy 🙂
    I am wondering why Masha´s new dress are called Hardcourt when the claycourt season is here?

  10. I would pick Nike over Adidas, but Adidas would be my second choice. It annoys me how you see so many players in the same Adidas kits for so long. With Nike there seems to be more variety, which I prefer. You don’t see too many players in the same outfits for too long. I like Sharapova’s outfits, and even though some of Vika’s apparel is questionable, most of the time she looks really good.

  11. It also annyos me Brona, and I didn´t like the fact that Dinara, like a number one, was wearing the same apparel as the other girls. Ana is number 50 and she is still wearing something special.

  12. Yes LuLinQa, that really annoys me about Dinara. The Competition Line isn’t very flattering on certain players and the outftis are always quite plain, but I do think that Adilibria can be nice sometimes.

  13. I like both of them, but not every single piece, same as with Nike. It´s alson about a player, who wears that stuff. For example, I can´t imagine Sveta or Serena wearing adidas or JJ in nike.
    BTW, has Aga any sponsor?

  14. Yes, I agree with you. I couldn’t imagine Sharapova in ANTA or Kim in Adidas for example. No, she doesn’t have any sponsor. I think its quite strange. Did you get your perfume yet? 🙂

  15. This is actually really nice. Classic simple elegance, which really suits Elena’s style and personality.

  16. Yes, I think so. Especially when I know that some girls even out of top 100 have a sponsor and she, top 10 player, hasn´t got. Not yet cuz I still have my old one, but I am really looking forward to buy it 🙂 I love the bottle of Curious so hopefully it will smell nice 🙂

  17. LuLinQa, that’s what I’m saying, it matches with a lot of things.

    If I were a successful pro I would choose either Masha’s line or adidas Ivanovic wears.

    Bróna, that is a significant difference between Nike and adidas and that’s why I think Nike is better adjusted to the pro world and current market needs. But I wouldn’t enjoy an image of Dinara in Maria’s outfits. 😛

    For Aga, I don’t thing she has a clothing sponsor. It’s strange but it doesn’t.

  18. Elena really doesn’t have a sponsor? Wow, that’s shocking. On the other hand maybe if she saw what kind of demands can some companies have she probably thought she rather keeps her independence. I think the pressure from sponsors into turning players into a commodity for fashion etc is sometimes quite damaging to their performance. I think that is what happened to Ana, for example and to Daniela Hantuchova in the past.


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