Serena Williams spending 100th week at No.1

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Serena Williams

Serena Williams is now spending her 100th week at the top position of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour rankings. The American is only the seventh player to have joined the “100 Club”, while nineteen players have held the No.1 ranking.

The 12-time Grand Slam champion Williams was top-ranked from July 8, 2002 to August 10, 2003 (57 weeks), from September 8 to October 5, 2008 (four weeks), from February 2 to April 19, 2009 (11 weeks), from October 12 to 25, 2009 (two weeks), and has been occupying the No.1 position from November 2, 2009, where she is now spending her 26th straight week.

The other six players to have achieved the feat are Steffi Graf (377), Martina Navratilova (332), Chris Evert (260), Martina Hingis (209), Monica Seles (178) and Justine Henin (117). (photo: Emmett Anderson)


  1. I think Monica Seles could have done better in her weeks count if it was not for the incident in Germany~! Graff took the opportunity and used it well. Today, Women’s tennis rankings are so unpredictable! At the moment, Serena does not deserve ti be number 1 due to her injury! I have not seen her in ages…and she is still number 1?

  2. yes, she is, but wozzy is quite close to her. she hasn´t been playing since AO. she wants to begin in rome.
    poor steffi, she had to feel awful cos it was her fan, who attacked monica.

  3. I’m sure she did! Steffi must have been super embarrassed! But I think Monica was really bitter to say she will never step on German soil again! I’m not sure whether Wozzy would be a good #1! I mean…I feel she is destined for the same finish as Ana and Anna and Jelena Dokic!Plus, I don’t think her game is at a #1 Level yet!!

    I realized Dani is getting much better! I watched her practicing in Toronto, and she is sharp and hits REALLY hard. I also saw JJ, and she hits super hard as well, but you cannot really see it on TV. She is really funny on the practice courts! Like…she blames her hitting partner for everything, not only does she blame the hitting partner, but also the sun, her coach, her bf! I simply love her.

    And her popularity is huge! Like hundreds of people (all ages) were literally running after her while she was riding off in her golf cart after hitting practice! It was the most fun I had in a while…looking forward to Rogers Cup 2010!

  4. yeah…I miss her too! I watched her in Toronto as well! It was part of this promotional thing where it was doubles: Monica Seles and Wozniak vs. Serena Williams and Nsvratilova! Out of the 4, Monica played the worst! It seems as though she did not hit a ball in a LOONG time!It was disappointing!But I mean she is not into that anymore so it is cool! Speaking of which…she is from Novi Sad Marija! Did you know her? I’m asking because my dad has family in Novi Sad who are family friends with her because…they lived in the same building!

    yeah Marija…I am talking about JJ in the last part…she is crazy and the most popular! I saw Zvonareva just walking around and no one really knew who she was except me, so I talked to her for like 5 minutes! The tournament directors would NEVER let JJ just casually walk around in the crowd because she would get attacked, she always needs the gold cart! While JJ was giving out autographs there was a frenzy around her, everyone shouting their lungs out. A person hit her with one of the tennis balls by mistake.

    And another funny story was…so everyone was waiting for JJ to start practicing, because there are bleachers on the practice courts, but all of a sudden we se Dementieva coming on the court JJ is supposed to practice on, so everyone starts booing off which was funny and sad at the same time and she was really angry so she left right when JJ was coming on and Dementieva got even angrier when people started cheering for JJ. It was the funniest moment EVER! Plus, it was like 50% Serbs, 50% Canadians…I have pics if you want to see

  5. JJ is very popular cos she is cutie 🙂 she smiles all the time and always looks positive 🙂
    on TV, it looks like the players are playing powerless tennis sometimes 🙂
    bb are you living in toronto??
    poor elena 🙁

  6. Well, Serena’s ranking now is really just a meaningless statistic because she hasn’t been on the court for ages.

  7. JJ is a bit of a drama queen bu I like her. Putting on lipstick during the changeovers… classic. After she is finished with tennis she should set up some cosmetics business, lol. 🙂

  8. she is a great designer too. she is very very feminine and she tries to look the best even on the court 😛

  9. Bb, I don’t know Monica. My father told me he remembered her practicing here, but she moved to the States two years after I was born.

    Yeah, JJ is popular, but I don’t remember people running after her that much when she played here. In Serbia, generally, people like to hide their emotions and don’t chase stars.

  10. Marina, I think that is the same in Slovakia as well. We find all this celeb worship quite off :-), but actually, I think it is a part of European mentality in general.

  11. Marine, glad to hear that. 🙂 I was most shocked when I saw people screaming when they saw a Britney Spears lookalike in the States. Imagine that!


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