Samantha Stosur ends Justine Henin’s reign at Roland Garros


Samantha StosurSeventh seed Samantha Stosur prevented four-time Roland Garros champion Justine Henin from winning her 25th straight match in Paris and defeated the Belgian 2-6 6-1 6-4 in the fourth round. It’s Henin’s first loss at Roland Garros since 2004.

The 22nd-seeded Henin, who dropped a set for the first time in five years in Paris against Maria Sharapova in the previous round, nullified Stosur’s serve to break the Australian twice and win the opening set 6-2. But determined Stosur came out strong in the following sets, and fought her way past the seven-time Grand Slam champion.

Last year’s semifinalist Stosur will play world No.1 and top seed Serena Williams in the quarterfinals, who defeated Shahar Peer 6-2 6-2. Williams struggled to hold serve at times and was broken twice by the 18th-seeded Peer, but made an impressive six breaks of her own to advance to the last eight. (photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. HELLLLLZ YEAH!!!! i was so excited. I don’t know why but i just hate Justine henin, i’m sorry, but like, soooo much. Her stupid “Allez” obviously pissed Sam off, after a huge one justin did, Sam won like 9 straight points or something. That’ll show her. I’ve also come to the realisation that Samantha is quite hot, and now shes beaten “the best female clay courter in the world” Sam can beat Serena, and JJ and anyone else that stands in her way. However, its all in the head! “allez” Samantha, noooooooooooot! “Come On!”

  2. The use of ‘allez’ when Sam netted an easy shot into the net was really annoying…. great to see Slammin’ Sammy hold her nerve at the end of that set. She was so cool and composed, and just stayed with her game plan. Should be a good match with Serena….

  3. YEAHHHHHH SAMANTHA! Like Jacob, I too dislike Henin. She is pretty annoying indeed! Thank God she lost once and for all! Unlike Jacob though, I doubt she will beat Serena (and if she does) then I doubt she will beat JJ. Nevertheless, Sam is an excellent clay court player and I wish her all the best at this tournament but also at Wimbledon!

    How did you react to this “upset” per say Marija? You must have been utterly surprised!

  4. This was a great win for Sam, like Jacob and bb I hate Henin too. I can’t explain it, I just do. I think Serena will beat Sam in the next round, and if JJ gets to the semi-finals, it could be an interesting match between her and Serena, IF it they both get that far. I think this is probably JJ’s best opportunity to win a Slam, so I hope she continues to play well.

  5. Haha poor justine. We all hate her and don’t even know why!

    let me clarify, i meant, that since Sam has beaten “the best” clay courter in the world, she can certainty beat any other players. Let me think about it some more, Serena and Sam are my top 2 players so its going to be a bittersweet match. Serena has been in fantastic form all tournament, im leaning towards her. Time will tell! 😀

  6. Bb, I wasn’t surprised by this upset. Justine could have gone out in the previous round by Masha, and the fact that she lost to Sam is not strange as Sam is good on clay and Justin is still finding her true form.

    BTW, I don’t hate Henin. 🙂 But I don’t find her as interesting as many other players. However, her game is beyond reach and nobody can argue that.

  7. Well I love her. But I don’t like other players you all like, so that’s fair to state your opinion 🙂 Good job by Sam though-good luck against Serena. I also don’t think Justine’s in good shape to win another major just yet (but don’t all the girls need to work on conditioning? lol)-though no drawing anything from Sam, she’s been on fire and rising in the ranks.

    And on the other half of the draw looks like Elena might come through? I know she has a tough opponent in Nadia, but my fingers are crossed for a Caroline-Elena match!

    thankgod! i am so happy as yes i also completly HATE justine henin. I think that, you know maybe chris evertt may have gotten it right 😉 serena and elena final 😀 ahahaha but who knows schciavone could pull through :S hahaha.

  9. I really like Justine, but Sam is also one of my favourites. It was a good match, but I have to agree that Justine was a bit annoying with Allez-ing all the time especially after Sam´s mistakes. Even Ana doesn´t do that. I think Serena is not that hard opponent for Sam, so it will be a great match 🙂

  10. LuLinQa i agree that it will be a good match but i belive the only reason samantha has a canhce is because its on clay – serena’s worst surface and samantha’s best.

  11. emi you are right, but it´s GS so Serena will be unbelievable due to that reason. I hope there will be no rain during that match.

  12. Emi: Sam has beaten her on hardcourts twice before, and has had 4 match points in other matches.

  13. I really like Justine… her ‘first career’ she was really consistent and I feel she is not ready yet to win a major…I saw her match yesterday….she was not playing as well as she can….and Sam was on fire!!

    For all you Juju haters out there….weren’t you the guys lamenting her retirement…?

  14. I’m not surprise if henin loose that match. Sam is a good player especially on clay..

    when Justine played Masha in third round she just was so lucky that Maria didn’t confidence enough to take the game from her. If Maria can manage her confidence, i’m sure she can beat Justine. Justine is not as good as before..

  15. Actually she has only beat serena once in stanford last year and serena played like trash in that match. Also serena destroyed her in austrailia this year. Its a slam serena will dominate this match

  16. It’s a shame Justine was beaten, it makes RG little interesting now. All the haters can have their little pathetic celebration, I as a fan do not really care. I think proving all the doubters wrong time and time again is one of the key elements of her career anyway. So no worries, she’ll bounce back 🙂 beating your favorite players in the process, which is probably one of the reasons for your hate. ALLEZ ;-D

  17. Yes Jacob those matches were Standford and Sydeny niether were Slam’s. Serena never tries unless its a GS or Miami hahaha. BUT Serena playd horribly in the santdford match, i could have beaten her the way she was playing. Although it is clay i think GS Serena’s will win.

  18. hahaha don’t worry jacob im an aussie to. but who knows what could happen im hoping for 3 setter but the winner of this watch should win the whole tournamnet


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