Jelena Jankovic unchallenged by Daniela Hantuchova at Roland Garros


Jelena JankovicFourth-seeded Jelena Jankovic cruised to a 6-4 6-2 victory over seed No.23 Daniela Hantuchova and advanced to the French Open quarterfinals where she will play the winner of the match between world No.107 Jarmila Groth and world No.36 Yaroslava Shvedova.

Slovakia’s Hantuchova had only one break point during the match, which she didn’t convert, and Jankovic was steadily moving towards victory. The Serb broke Hantuchova for a 5-4 lead and then won her service game to take the opening set. In the second set, Jankovic broke Hantuchova in the first and third games, then established a 4-0 lead, and even though she blew one match point at 5-2 on Hantuchova’s serve, she used her service game to finish the match. Hantuchova made twice as much unforced errors as JJ, 16-8.

Jankovic has a perfect 4-0 record against Groth, and 2-1 record against Shvedova, whom she will more likely play in the quarters. Shvedova defeated Jankovic in the second round of the US Open last year, after three sets and two tiebreaks. (photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. didnt think that jankovic would have much resistance vs hantuchova. Hantu is good but for top 20. Not for absolute top….

  2. I knew JJ would win. At a GS level, everything is different. They are both hard hitter. You might not see it on TV, but live, on the practice courts they are something different. Next round will be tough for JJ as Shvedova is a hard hitter as well and she beat JJ at the US OPEN, so JJ should watch out and not think about her passed away granny during this match!

    I’m opting for a JJ vs Serena semi. Essentially, who wins that will win the GS potentially.

    Your thoughts Marija? How do you think this week will unfold?

  3. I think Danka was not playing that bad as it looks like after reading this article.

    JJ will edge Yara, it will be completely different to US Open. JJ´s grandmum had passed away before that match so JJ was little bit out of concentration. She is in a good shape now so keep fingers crossed for her 🙂

  4. I watched the match and the score is not great but Danka put in a lot of effort. JJ also looked impressed. I think it’s funny how some older players like Hantuchova seem to finally find some mental fortitude. I remember her when she was a bit younger and she was an emotional yoyo, but now she seems to be able to control her emotions really well.

  5. I started watching this match at 2 all. It was 4-4 and Dani serving, the score was love-40, Dani rallied in that game to have an advantage point, she served what she thought was an ace but it was called out. From that point in typical Dani fashion she gave up. Lost that game and lost the following game at love. I knew JJ was going to blitz Dani in the following set. I stopped watching, when I finally caught up with the score it was 5-2 JJ. Yet again, another black hole (which is opposite of a Gold Star) on the career of Dani, a player that never was. I think Ms. Marija capture the essence of the match in this post.

    JJ: She is in my good graces after she mocked that fist pumping imbecile, and by doing so JJ unmasked that person and exposed her of what she really is: ‘Fake Nice’. And JJ, like I said you are in my good graces don’t blow it. I’m also picking JJ to win RG.

    Both Dementieva and JJ have a real shot at winning RG 10. One of them will be with the slam title the other will continue to be as Ms. Marine would say, “A champion without a slam”. I had the Stuffed Bunny as my dark horse.

    The match between Funky Cold Allez and Divapova: I did not watch the first two sets. The last set was horrible! Unforced errors after unforced errors from both players, I stopped watching. This match was far from being the epic battle that this two players had at the YEC Final in Spain, few years back.

    The Big Stuffed Bunny: The Italian knocked the stuffing out of her, she over powered The Stuffed Bunny, just by looking at her eyes and her face she was confused, frustrated, and helpless. After the first set was over I knew the match was over, The Stuffed Bunny did not have an answer for the Italian’s game. I believe the three hour marathon in the previous round took everything out of her. Hey Wozniacki people learn from Rafael Nadal, last year he played a lot of matches on clay and he lost early in RG. This year he cut down his participation on clay and he is in the semis in RG 10. LEARN DAMN IT, LEARN!


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