Maria Sharapova signs multiyear deal with Evian


Maria Sharapova for Evian campaign

Just ahead of Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova signed a multiyear agreement with Groupe Danone SA’s Evian water brand, and will be the face of their Rollerbabies campaign.

For the world famous campaign, Sharapova is wearing a t-shirt with a printed figure of a baby and a bottle of Evian water. Sharapova was chosen by the brand because she embodies the Live Young motto of Evian’s philosophy.

Evian is the sponsor of all the three Grand Slams Sharapova has won in her career – Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open – and the Russian will promote Evian at all the three.

I have only one regret about this – why didn’t Evian pick JJ? SHE was the one washing her face and teeth solely with Evian water on her first visit to India, Bangalore in particular, and spoke about it publicly. (sources: Great Tennis Photos, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour)


  1. I remember that! JJ should have got the honour! Sharapova was probably picked because she is more famous than JJ.

  2. Sharapova is a better player, she’s extremely marketable on a global scale and she’s been far more successful than JJ. I would love to know how much Masha is worth after all these years….

  3. Yep, I agree with Brona. she’s definitely more well-known, especially outside of tennis and globally. Not a fan of the baby in diaper t-shirt… couldn’t they have come up with something less tacky? And she looks older than her 22 years of age in this photo.

  4. And I think they should have picked someone a bit older (ie. Serena, Venus) to do it because Maria IS young and Serena’s won all 4 of the slams that Evian supports. I always see the bottles next to the microphones in players’ interviews so it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

  5. Bróna, Lilly, of course Maria is more marketable, I was just joking about JJ. 🙂 When I read JJ’s statement about Evian two years ago I was like “oh gosh” 🙂

    And Lilly, as I understand Evian is not sponsoring the French Open. Am I wrong?

  6. Oh haha, my mistake. It’s Perrier and Vittel. You’d think Evian would also sponsor RG as it’s French…and it sponsors the others too but I guess Perrier and Vittel work as well.

    And JJ’s always over the top… can’t believe she washed her face in Evian haha. And when I was talking about Maria, she’s obviously the best choice out of many of the other girls on tour, not only JJ, but Caroline or Victoria or Dinara, for example.

  7. maybe next time i should read comments before i post my own, it totally just looks like i copied what everybody just said. woopsies !

  8. I think Maria has more of a global persona and is slightly younger than JJ but I don’t think that was the deciding factor. The photo is awful, to be hones, they should tell her to smile, this way she looks so much older than she really is.

  9. I would have liked to see JJ too I really think Maria is over hyped player who will never win a grandslam in her career. She plays alot of lower
    tier ranked places or goes to places like eastborne and loses. Cmon now she should have 7 grandslams by now…

  10. trent, but maria already has won three grandslams (hopefully, more to come). one of which is the 2004 wimbledon, her first grand slam title that she won when she was just 17. the other two are 2008 australian open and 2006 us open. =)

  11. Maria is over hyped thats why she doesnt do well in gland slams she won the first gland slam at the age age of 17 like Serena,Maria looks more older than Serena. I dont see Maria winning another gland slam,she has wasted her time on advertisement not concentrating on winning, advertisement will never remember you,i think she will hang the racket with 4 gland slam because Serena will play until she is 38 yrs. Serena is busy building her history. vICTORIA aZARENKA will overtake she soon .

  12. maria rules, evian is nice…like the ad. its funny…and lets you think of healthy water for ya kids good on ya! sport waterand kids
    nice one evian/Maria


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