Wimbledon fashion: Tina Turner inspires Venus Williams, Jankovic keeps things simple


To my relief, Venus Williams’ Wimbledon dress is nothing like her Roland Garros outfit, but the bottom part does make me say “why”, even though it could be argued it’s kind of fun and party-like. Venus said the dress is inspired by Tina Turner.

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It doesn’t happen often, but I find absolutely nothing tacky about Jelena Jankovic dress, although it is more likely to get unnoticed than other ANTA pieces she wore.

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Every JJ’s outfit brings at least a small smile on my face, and even though the white Wimbledon dress is so simple, nice and normal, the full outfit makes sure we’re not left without that shock moment.

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JJ is serious business, Federer, watch out!


  1. Love JJ’s dress, especially the bottom- so romantic!;) Venus has to stop with this tacky fashion- it’s like she wants to wear everything that doesn’t go with sport, it’s just ugly! She is so elegant off-court, so why this? Althouh I like the back, and bottom is kind of fun- this is really, but really, not for tennis court.

  2. Venus’ dress could be a tad longer to cover the rear a bit more. I really like JJ’s dress. Wow JJ’s arms look massive and very well developed!

    Who knows-maybe years down the road history might be kinder to Venus as a trendsetter for tennis fashions.

  3. Venus cannot be wearing a sports bra with that low cut top/dress! I don’t mind the dress itself (I like the back), but I can’t stand how short it is! And that goes for all the girls players. While showing skin is fine (it’s so hot out), I really don’t want to see it all haha.

    I love JJ’s jacket and racket bags! Very stylish and posh. Did ANTA design it or was it her racket company?

  4. I hope V wears something else in front of the Queen or Elizabeth may just faint from all that skin =P

  5. I like Venus dress, I’m a Venus fan and I like her, and I like JJ. Go venus win the wimbledon title!!!
    I want to see an all Williams final:)

  6. I like all of JJ’s dresses because I think the bright colors suit her. This one is a bit different, and quite nice, as is the entire outfit.

  7. hay beautifuls! how yah going? omg such nice dresses. sometimes i wish i were a female just so i could shake muh thang out on that wimbledon arena..with serena….get it? anyway, i’m just chilling ya’ll, im eating chicken biskits so yummy! lauve yah! x

  8. I love JJ dress, it’s really elegant. Venus has made a slight improvement but that dress looks a little bit like a cockail waitress uniform :-). But at least there’s no illusion going on anymore 😀

  9. Diane, I also like vibrant colors but I don’t like how ANTA executes them.

    Lilly, good question. Not sure. It could be JJ herself sewing the initials.

    Jacob, nice to see you so relaxed! 🙂 Hehe now I can join you, as I have passed my exam! 😀 Please people, give me some praise!! 😀 It was painstaking.

  10. JJ for once looks quite good. Usually there’s something about her dresses that look tacky or poor quality, but this time ANTA got it spot on. Sharapova’s dress is by far the nicest though.

    Well done Marija 🙂 I’m sure you’re delighted now that you know you passed the exam. I hate waiting for exam results… 😛

  11. Congrats on being done Marija!! I just love the color of the bag (cream white) and the cursive font of the JJ’s initials on her bag (that’s how I write my “J”s lol)!

  12. Thanks guys! 🙂 Finally I’ll have more time for blogging. At least before I resume working on my masters thesis. 😛

  13. Well done Marija!! 😉

    Recently talking about Venus more for her clothes instead for the fact that rose to second place ranking eheheh… but it is definitely a choice to try to impress, in any case the dress is not really my style, I prefear JJ’s dress, most simple and straightforward , although I’m not crazy for it.


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