Serena Williams questionable for US Open 2010


Serena WilliamsSerena Williams has recently announced she needed foot surgery to repair the damage done to her foot when she stepped on broken glass at a restaurant. It was confirmed then that the world No.1 would miss three tournaments leading up to the US Open, but the latest news coming out of the mouth of tour spokesman Andrew Walker is that Serena’s appearance at the final Grand Slam of the year is questionable as well.

Serena’s recent tweets tell us she can’t wait to get back to playing tennis:

hi guys! thanks for all the get well wishes. it really means a lot 🙂 can’t wait to get out of bed & back on the courts & do what i do best!

Hey guys I’m doing better. Thanks for all the love.

i am having a tough few days. my mm and friends have been taking good care of me. i hoe to be bak on the our soon. i miss playing…

love my crew taking care o me after surgery notice my dogs sooo cute

(source: ESPN, photo: sr_cranks)


  1. Well the cynics amongst us…oh, right, that’ll be me then!..will assume that she will use the injury as an excuse not to play the 3 events prior to the USO and then, shock! Horror! suddenly, mysteriously, be fully fit for the USO!

  2. Clijsters said she knew before the exhibition that Williams was hurt pretty seriously. “I saw her before we started but she didn’t go into how it happened,” Clijsters said. “I told her how much I admired her for coming out there. A lot of players in her situation wouldn’t have done it.”
    This is the real story not the appearance fee…she was asked at the last minute and said yes…she is a millionaire …she never really talks about her injuries…she is hurt… get over it …and let’s hope she is fine for the US Open…so she can bring it back home!!!…Get better Serena and try to have fun doing it..then come back and win the US Open for a 4th time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. im sure sh used the injury as an ecuse to get out of the 3 tournaments! and she just had th surgey to make it more believeable right Tony?

  4. Serena may or may not be injured. But this I do know. She’s thrilled to not have to deign to play in a non-SLAM event. She does the minimum and only wants the high profile gigs. She is not a true tennis professional because her love of the game goes only as deep as the next Slam.


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