Aravane Rezai’s shocking Scheyda style in 2010


Aravane Rezai in black and gold outfit

Aravane Rezai has earned the honor of being featured in our retrospections of WTA players’ yearly outfits (thanks you, Marine, for this wonderful suggestion!). The Frenchwoman, even though a Top 20 player, doesn’t have a well-known clothing sponsor, and neither is she famous for her great on-court style, but there is one thing that sets her apart – her crazy outfits with outrageous details that she actually wears perfectly! So, let the fun begin!

Aravane Rezai in black and white outfitScheyda logo

My research took me to the website which says that French clothing brand Schedya is responsible for Rezai’s style. Schedya, owned by Rezai’s friend, is “dedicated to cultural diversity”. Schedya means “feeling good” in Persian and their logo, which can be read both in English from left to right and in Persian from right to left, is meant to signify the unity of Eastern and Western cultures.

Aravane Rezai in white Wimbledon outfit

Rezai may not have changed many outfits in 2010, but they were so strange and full of details that you always got to notice some new feature in the design. I don’t know how good of a thing that actually was in this case, but it certainly wasn’t boring. 🙂

Aravane Rezai's Tokyo black and gold outfit 2010

Should I say which outfit is my favorite? They are all my favorites since Rezai wears them. Really! As much as I find these tennis dresses ugly, I absolutely love them on Rezai, she definitely brought us fashion fun in 2010.

What do you think? Should Rezai drop the ensembles with crazy details and materials and tune down, or continue with her indisputably unique style? (photos: Stephane Martinache, © Neal Trousdale, angelicalbite)


  1. I dunno, they are weird, but funny to watch on. But sometimes, imo, hey are making her appear little bit ‘bigger’, u know what i mean.

  2. Not sure if I like her yet, but I actually really love that gold and black outfit. The frilly one is a bit too much, but the colors she has on are really good!! I’m more of a basics girl and not bright neon in your face colors (ie. the new adidas line, not a big fan–and green and purple are my favorite colors haha!)

  3. I agree with what LuLinQa said about how Aravane does not dress in a way that accentuates her body in a positive way…

  4. Marine, it really was my pleasure to do this review, so interesting! 🙂

    LuLinQa, Benjamin, I agree, they are not adapted to her shape, but maybe that’s all part of the look, who knows. 😛

    Lilly, haha you like the gold and black outfit and you call yourself a basic girl? Interesting… 🙂

    Stiven, of course it’s possible, they are certainly coming! 🙂


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