Jelena Jankovic in colorful ANTA dresses during 2010


Jelena Jankovic Australian Open dressJelena Jankovic's Australian Open blue ANTA dress

Especially for our readers Sam and Stiven who requested this, as part of our regular overviews of tennis fashion, let’s have a look at all the outfits Chinese brand ANTA had in store for Jelena Jankovic for the second year of their partnership.

Jelena Jankovic playing Fed Cup in BelgradeJelena Jankovic at the 2010 Roland Garros in yellow ANTA dress

ANTA seems to love lively colors, but to me it looks like they are trying to distract our attention from poor designs. Is it just me?

Jelena Jankovic on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1271247801573

Nike did a much better job incorporating vibrant colors, as you could see on the examples of Serena Williams’ 2010 dresses. Nike’s colors are much subtler, more innovative and their hues are nicer.

Jelena Jankovic - The Championships - Wimbledon 2010

I know that many of you will disagree with me and please don’t hesitate to share your opinion. What do you think of ANTA’s tennis clothes in 2010?

US Open Jelena JankovicJelena Jankovic - Toray Pan Pacific Open

Despite everything previously said, when I look at Jankovic wearing ANTA, I definitely see a better fit to her personality than predominantly classic and undaring Reebok from 2008.

Jelena Jankovic - China Open

I currently can’t imagine Jankovic in any other brand, and I believe that ANTA will only improve over time. I mean, it’s not that bad even right now, but why not expect much more, it’s definitely possible.

Jelena Jankovic - WTA Championships - Doha 2010

In these fashion retrospections I always choose my favorite style, and this time I will go for the green Beijing and Moscow dress or, alternatively, for the purple dress Jankovic wore at the US Open. Which outfit is your favorite from ANTA 2010?

(photos:, dragan foto, eddymanzano, © Neal Trousdale, Women Who Serve, Carine06)



    Although some people don’t like ANTA and think that there designs are cheap and tacky, I like it!

    My favorites would have been Australian Open, Roland Garros and like you the US Open.

    And also like you I find ANTA better for Jelena than Reebok, and ANTA seem to improve as they go on, as these are so much better than her first, bland ANTA outfits back in 2008! 🙂

  2. My problem with Jelena’s outfits this year is, like Sam Stosur and Lacoste, she’s been essentially wearing the same dress but in different colours.

    While I’m not blind to the fact that there are subtle differences in each dress; Jelena’s not really bringing anything new to the table, and what she’s got atm is just a really bland, poor dress design!

  3. In my opinion Anta’s designs suit Jelena better than Reebook’s. I’m not a big fun of this brand, but in this collection there’s nothing that I really don’t like, except maybe the green jacket’s cut. Anyway my favorite is the purple dress 🙂

  4. maria thanks a lot , but one thing is more interesting me, what do you think about JJ chances to win a GS in 2011, your personal or some expert opinion ? i would love to know should I hope because many said that she has not a weapon ,bad serve,injuries,drama etc…

  5. i try and like ANTA, but i just can’t. The designs look very cheap, unplanned and nothing special. However, i really like Doha. The rest of them i really don’t like them, i almost hate them all.

  6. Sam, you’re welcome. 😉 Hehe just to set things straight, in 2008 Jelena wore Reebok.

    Benjamin, I agree, not much innovation on the part of design.

    Migi, good point. I can agree with that.

    Francesca, there’s nothing that would make you say “this is ugly”, but in my opinion Jelena’s ANTA dresses are way behind anything from Nike or adidas.

    Stiven, you can always hope, but judging on now already a long period of time (since the time she built up muscles and lost her amazing movement – although, the situation has much improved since then), I really doubt JJ will win a GS in 2011, unless some major breakthrough happens which is always possible in tennis.

    Jacob A, haha you try but you can’t! 🙂 I think the Doha outfit has the best cut. Jankovic has a beutiful figure and tennis clothes that follow her body line look great on her.

  7. Hahaha, Marija, I realized almost exactly after I posted, hoped no one would pick up on it! Hahaha but of course I meant 2009!

  8. I didn’t have problem with any of JJ’s outfits this year- ones I liked more, and the other less. I really liked the light green one, Australan open and Wimbledon one, and my favorites are, just like last year, her final 2 outfits- the green and the black one. I think JJ should wear more thight dresses just like these 2 ones, and without too much details- she deffinitely has body for outfits like that 🙂

  9. I like the yellow one. Too bad you can’t buy those here in the US. That’s funny how most people prefer nike or adidas because some of these (not all) are more appealing to me.

  10. JJ look very good in ANTA dresses. For me, Anta is good choiche for JJ because she changed a lot of different dresses in season and it s cool becuase fans dont like to see one player in 3 dreeses in whole season.

  11. Jankovic outfits always look cheap like some polyester mess.The dresses are just too bright pepto bismal colors that are not memorable.Anta makes better outfits for Zheng and they look expensive on her.JJ is trying too hard and all that insecurity comes out in her outfits.

  12. I like JJ style. It’s bright a bit extravagant but that’s like her personality. Her outfits are sporty and stand out but it’s all within limits (take lesson, Venus,lol 🙂 )
    Sydney and Beijing are my favourites, the colours suit her really well and the designs are just lovely.

  13. The designs made by ANTA for JJ are not to die for but they aren’t hideous. I like the black dress JJ wore at Doha it is my favorite. and Marija you are right they are very colorful!

  14. the designs made by ANTA for JJ are not to die for but they are not hideous either. I like the little black dress JJ wore at Doha, It is my favorite and yes they are very colorful! 🙂


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