Justine Henin’s official website – elegant, informative and functional

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Justine Henin's official website

It may take a little bit more time for Justine Henin’s official website to load initially, but when the homepage opens you see a nice, modern and sleek design, which manages to look attractive while not compromising the usability. Another great thing about www.justine-henin.be is that it is unique and completely different from all the other websites of women’s tennis players.

There are features that are a must, such as news, calendar, biography and a photo gallery, but there is also fanzone (where you can subscribe to the news about Justine) and a guestbook where fans can leave their messages.

Justine Henin's official website

The website has versions in English, French and Dutch.

All in all, I really like Justine’s official page, because it is a perfect blend of informative and user-friendly website, accompanied by contemporary design.


  1. I agree that she’s done a nice job putting it together. The one thing I think she could tweak would be to make the email newsletter sign up more prominent.

  2. so Mariya you are dismissing Serena and Venus from top ten…interesting.Serena has nothing to defend from Miami and USA hardcourts and Asia.Venus has not much to defend so dont count your chickens before they are hatched.

  3. The website is really good, I checked it out several times. I like the little details, like the figure of Justine running after a ball when the site fully loads or the pulsing tennis ball which was probably to imply her love of tennis. Overall, I think this is one of the best fansites at the moment. I also like Caroline’s and Kim’s.


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