Serena Williams having serious bone infection?


Serena Williams has been away from the courts for too long, and now the word is out that her foot injury sustained at a German restaurant has been worsened by a serious bone infection (osteomyelitis). What? Supposedly, Serena’s foot is not responding to intravenous antibiotics such as Vancomycin, considered as a last resort, and Serena is now losing weight and growing weaker. Not to mention that rumors are even saying Serena may lose her leg.

All this is so shocking that I absolutely don’t believe it’s true. However, if this is just a rumor, the people who launched it are very irresponsible.

Serena’s tweet of January 23rd about her sore throat (“My throat feels raw. every time I take a sip of sumthin it feels like i just swallowed 20,000 mini knives. its 5:10am…”) has been taken as a proof of the side effects of the antibiotics by some sources: “IV Vancomycin’s serious side effects include a persistent sore throat and swelling of the tongue and throat”. No other health issues have been mentioned by Serena on her Twitter ever since.

Serena has significantly dropped in the rankings following her skipping of the Australian Open, and is now ranked 12th.


  1. This news is quite worrying 🙁

    Yesterday I read that Serena will play the Nike Clash of Champions on March 8 and that She gave her availability for the FedCup meeting in April… I hope that she will be able to maintain these commitments.

  2. I had no idea it was this serious 🙁

    I hope that these are just immature, false rumors!

    The tour desperately needs Serena back!

  3. OMG, just a day or so after posting this article, my leg got infected, for the first time in my life! 😛 I can barely walk! Haha horrible.

  4. @Marija
    Take care and quick recovery (slusaj doktora-tvog doktora, nisam ja doktor). I hope that we will see soon Serena (on the court) fully recovered.

  5. Maja J, thank you. I am listening to my doctor. It’s still pretty bad, but I believe my leg will get better.

  6. Francesca, thanks! It’s pretty bad, but kind of 3% better than yesterday. I bought tickets for Fed Cup, then got them for free haha, and now I don’t even know if I will be able to go. I’ll see how my leg reacts till tomorrow.

  7. Marija, you’re welcome! When I buy tickets I always wait until the last minute because usually happen to me all kinds of unexpected, in fact I always have to be satisfied of the worst places 😛 …I hope your leg get better enough to let you go. 🙂

  8. Francesca, you’re right. But the last time for the Davis Cup everything was sold out. Ok, it was the final, but still… 😛

  9. Marija, I understand, the advertising of Internazionali haunting me since December, the tournament is in May and we’re only in February ahahah 🙂


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