Serena Williams’ health problems shift from foot to lungs


Virtually two days ago it was announced that Serena Williams is planning to end her eight-month foot injury lay-off and now there’s a major shift in the situation. No, Serena is not yet again prolonging her foot recovery time, the news is that she had to be hospitalized Monday because of a blood clot on her lungs. What?

The 13-time Grand Slam champion, who won the 2010 Wimbledon title and has since gone missing from the tennis scene, “underwent emergency treatment for a hematoma suffered as a result of treatment for a more critical situation,” as her spokeswomen Nicole Chabot said.

Serena is being treated in a Los Angeles hospital where doctors are closely monitoring her to avoid further complications.

The tennis star is still as active on Twitter, though, and strangely, her only tweet that could be related to her latest medical problem is the following:

Then she retweeted Kim Kardashian and a sneak peek of her latest video.

No word on whether this lung problem will affect Serena’s planned participation at the French Open.


  1. I am not just saying this because I don’t like the Williams sisters, but I believe it might be time for Serena to retire.

  2. Just so you know not all tweets originate with Serena. She has 2 twitter accounts. The one that is called SerenaNews is done by her assistant. The other one where she takes questions and tweets with her friends is her personal twitter account.

  3. Just have a hard time believing these stories, first the glass now this. If she really were to have a PE why they mention she might be back in early summer already. .

    Underlying agenda: big contracts with sport companies. (Nike, …)

    Two possibilities:

    1) there are serious health and injury issues with Serena but she does not want to withdraw because of these contracts.

    2) Possibility is that she prefers prancing around in the world of fashion, a thorn in the eye of Nike who wants to see results as well, the more the other diva Sharapova is not doing very much either. Hence they want to make look her probable comeback at Wimbledon a victory of the champion on adversity.

    Fishy indeed and a transparent and honest attitude is required now.

  4. This medical problem of Serena seems to be very serious, I read that in multiple sources. The condition is not to be played with.

  5. I do believe as well that teh condition is serious and that there is no hidden agenda behind this. Certainly, Serena enjoys other aspects of her life, but she also knows she doesn’t have that much time to keep winning majors and definitely she wants these titles. She’ll be back, but I do think that it might not be this year. Maybe by the end of the year

  6. Michael, I also doubt Serena will come back soon, especially not as soon as she recently said, for Roland Garros.

  7. I’ve just read that Serena’s problem is really serius, it seems that the stop could last for another year, because a cut, a graze and, above all, a shot in the head, would be dangerous to the point of risking her life. I also dubt she will come back for Roland Garros.

  8. She should just retire. If all these health issues are real than it’s a sign her body simply had enough.

  9. Some humans are really like the worst animals…always judgeing and rasing their racial slurs. Why would Serena give up her no. 1 title, when she worked so hard to get their. I hope all those who commented negatively are not faced with a sudden illness soon, or a family member, see how you would feel if your mother was talked about, after announcing she had an illness at work, just for an excuse to skip it! Be humane!!

  10. And you be less pathetic, “fairness”. As always, when a Williams sister is criticised her supporters shout it’s racism. Laughable.

  11. Fairness, I totally agree with you and @ Marine, you be less pathetic… Like Fairness said, let’s hope nothing like that happens to someone in your family.

  12. hopefully she won’t retire, guys don’t give that @marine whatever material, ignore her, she’s not worth it

  13. Dear Serena,
    I am was rushed to Iloilo, Philippines Mission Hospital 6 days ago, with a embolism in my groin.

    I would say to those of you who have no idea how painful this is, to know that Serena foot injury may possibly have been the primary source for the clot that travelled and broke off to enter her lungs.

    It takes sometime to find the right balance of medication to treat this DVT. With Serena having large muscle mass, all of her time out would be legit. I am only 6 days into my medication and treatment here and the balance has not been found yet, we continue to increase slowly the medication.

    Go Serena for being back on courts within in 6 months, this is about the time I have been told I will be on the medication Warfarin.

    Right now I can not even do my physical training, my body is bored already of doing nothing. I can only imagine what you went through as a top athlete to be sedentary for so long before, during your brush with DVT embolism.

    Had you traveled by plane with your foot injury….for me I was part of pre booked travel long distances but with all non connecting flights. The issue with this for a tall athletic person was too little time on ground before next flight x3 flights.

    When my INR levels are clear for travel back to Australia, I will be booking with my Travel Insurance Allainz business class all way.

    I would love to email with you serena to learn more about your 6 months treatment for DVT.

    You have inspired me the other day watching you back on court after only just 6 months, were you still on the treatment?

    Kind regards,

    Security Officer VIP / PR


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