Kimiko Date Krumm in beer lookalike commercial


Japanese tennis star Kimiko Date Krumm is appearing in a commercial for what seems to be beer, but is actually an “alcohol-free beertaste beverage”. The company behind the product is Kirin Brewery, selling two of the most popular beers in Japan.

Do you think Andrea Petkovic would drink this after a concert on Valentine’s Day? 🙂


  1. To answer the question: I think so. Because… it’s not pinky! So it’s safe for her. lol.

  2. Gregoire, you think so? I don’t think she would drink it, it’s not real beer and I believe Andrea would always opt for the real thing.

  3. Then, there is only one solution to really know: ask her. Let’s send her a case of beers for tasting!


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