Serena’s condition concerns Clijsters about health dangers from flying

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When it was revealed that constant flying, especially long flights, played a role in Serena Williams’ potentially deadly blood clots in her lungs, in addition to the complications from her foot surgery, the tennis world was shaken.

As spending time flying is an ever-present part of tennis pros’ lives, tennis star Kim Clijsters got seriously concerned. The reigning US Open and Australian Open champion pointed out how as a healthy athlete you worry about injuries, and you don’t think much about the hazards of frequent flights that your profession requires. Serena’s life-threatening health problem alarmed Kim:

Injuries can happen, but to be close to dying…it opened my eyes and made me even more aware of where we need to be. The toughest part for us is flying all over. It’s very scary. It’s very serious.

Serena is now fine, but her agent, Jill Smoller, said that Serena cannot state the exact date she will come back to the sport.

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  1. One would think Serena’s health problems have more to do with her leg being immobilized than flying.


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